Hello my friend,
my name is Daniela, thanks for visiting me at GateLight! I’ve been Daniela Hillsinvolved in the awesome realm of spiritual growth for many years in Germany and there I worked together with lots of people, one on one, in groups and online.

Right now I work out of my home for counseling and coaching.

I think working with you in a very small group, is the best way to help you on your spiritual development. I am a New Age spiritual guidance counselor and I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you and also to learn from you.

I was born on the 4th of February 1965 in Germany. I am married, and have 4 kids, one stepdaughter and a grandson.
I live in Calgary since 2005.


Ecology of the thoughts (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan aus Moskau, Jenja Kegeles)
Secrets of the subconscious (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
Gratitude (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
Information streams (channeling, talking to spirits, mediumship) (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
Nano-Technology – by Dr. L. P. Trojan
Money and Business – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
Intuition-Training – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
Becoming younger and loosing weight – (Education by Marina Benner based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)

Reincarnation therapy (Jameison) (Reincarnation therapy-Education by HP A. Klieme
Theta Healing Practitioner – education by Claudia Pitsch
Remote Viewing (CRV and ERV)
Mediumship (Education by British Mediums Tim Abbott, and Minister Libby Clark – and Medium Melanie Fischer – Germany)
Angelic Mediumship by Charles Virtue)
Trance Mediumship (with Britisch Medium Rev. Bill Thomson)
Usui-Reiki (Education by Betina Maria Spring und Norbert Kuhl)
Grand Master degree (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Shamballa-Reiki (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Karuna Reiki® (registered teacher) (Education by Argante Steuernthal, Berlin, Germany)
Violet Flame Reiki (Education by Argante, Berlin, Germany)
Komyo Reiki Kai (Education by Karel Putz)
Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher (Education by Pamela Jordan from Irland)
and more….

Egyptian school:
Seichim (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Isis Seichim (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
RA~SHEEBA® (Education by A. S. Steuernthal and the Founder of Ra Sheeba)

Shamanic Healing:
Professional Aura Balancer (Spiralaura-Balance by Nemi Nath aus Australien) (Education by Betina Maria Spring)
Soul Hunting and Shamanic Healing Dance (by Frank Natale) (Education by Betina Maria Spring, Germany)
Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Education by Pamela Jordan from Irland)
Runa Energy (Education by Mo v. Lipinsky, Germany)
Sacred Earth, Sacred Breath (Education by Manuela Marx)

Other Energy-Healing-Systems:
Medicine Buddha Empowerment (by “Holiness Karma Gyurme Rinpoche (one of the most powerful Tibetan Lama’s of healing in the Tibet of today)
Violet Crystal (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
Magnified Healing® (registered teacher) (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
Energy-Grid Activation (Education by Manuela Kornatz)
Tarot and Lenormand Reading (Education by Ilona Raufer)
Akashic Records (by Pamela Jordan from Irland)
Face Reading (Education by Herman Müller)
Fire Serpent Attunement
Spring Forest QiGong Healing
Quantum Touch
…and more…
I am the founder of several energy-healing-systems and I have a network of websites dedicated to energy-work.

Please visit

www.whitelightselfempowerment.com – here you will find all about The WhiteLight Self-Empowerment-System