FREE Meditations

FREE Meditations

Free Meditations

Stress sucks, but meditation is one of the best stress relievers I know.

Stress is the leading cause, or is related to the enactment of many illnesses.

Stress blinds us to reality too. It exists purely in our minds as we worry about the future through our bad experiences of the past. What we are blinded to, in this case, is the moment. In the moment the past and future do not exist. Finding inner peace through a guided meditation can put you in the moment.

The problem is that it’s hard to meditate properly sometimes. People have difficulty doing it.

There are also different ways to do meditations.

The masters have trained their entire lives, starting as small children, until they are grown, and into their old age, consistently perfecting their powers of meditation. But most of us are not trained, or have time to sit for hours, days and weeks to meditate.

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