How To Become A Reiki Healer, And Get Your Reiki Healing Certification Online

How To Become A Reiki Healer, And Get Your Reiki Healing Certification Online

Get Your Reiki Healing Certification Online: How To Become A Reiki Healer

If you want to know how to become a Reiki healer, do what I did: begin your spiritual journey with no expectations. Be open to what comes. And what comes will more likely be marvellous! The second step is easy, take a Reiki course, this can be done online too, learn it well, and get attuned, at least into the first degree of Reiki. A Reiki healing certification online is important too; so make sure the course comes with one. It’s important, not just for when you are doing business through a Reiki practice, but for your own peace of mind.

Having a certificate signifies completion, and it points you toward the next step. From there you will become a Reiki healer, and becoming a reiki master is not far away!

Yes, becoming a Reiki healer is easy, but to truly embrace Reiki, and become an expert Reiki healer requires, above all else, daily practice in healing yourself and others, and, at least for me, experimentation.

In my experience Reiki healers have a deep respect for life. Bonding with the living world through Reiki is exciting, and can be creative.

There is no right or wrong way

You can experiment by applying the Reiki energy to see what works best for you.

How To Become A Reiki Healer, Reiki Healing Certification Online

A Reiki energy healer is sensitive to others in an empathic way. They care enough to want to heal, not just people, but the world itself. We all need healing, and so does the Earth, even more than ever these days.

The more people becoming a Reiki healer, and getting their Reiki healing certification, the stronger the global Reiki energy becomes in my opinion.

The right online reiki healing training will help you to grow in a deep and meaningful way.

Reiki level one for me changed my life, so much so that I have become a different person today. My spiritual journey has been a positive, enlightening experience. And since then I have gone on to do Reiki healing second degree, and my Master Reiki healer too!

To become a reiki healer is not just about reading books, and gathering knowledge, it is an experience, and an exciting journey into the unknown.

How to become a reiki healer the right way

As we respect life and each other, so too must we respect the sacred practice of Reiki. We must follow it’s principle of conduct to gain it’s ultimate value, which will bring guidance for our lives. The way of charity, respect, and gratitude is the right way.

The way you are taught, the material you receive, and the personal attunements are important, when you want to become a reiki healer online, or person to person. But becoming a Reiki healer does not happen in one day. It’s a life long journey too.

Reiki is a way of life for many practitioners and masters. It’s the path we choose, and more, the way we do the walking, that is important.

Reiki is not just a system of natural healing, it is also a way to self-improvement. It opens new opportunities every day, so we may experience better health, and more success. It’s unlimited in nature, and can create opportunities for continual growth, and opens us up to new potentials.

Each Reiki level will take you higher and higher to a new understanding of who you are, and what is possible.

But it is important that you grow with Reiki the right way by following the Reiki principles, which are spiritual Ideals.

The Reiki principles are there to help you, as a daily reminder, to bring
balance and peace into your life, and to maintain the positive energy of

Of course our daily life has challenges, it is not always easy to stick by
these principles.

But still, they will remind you to watch your thoughts and
actions. If you do this, you will notice, that you will become more aware of
yourself, and this will help you to influence your daily life in a positive

How to become a reiki healer the long way

After you have been attuned and initiated into the Universal Life Energy, there should be a 21-day self healing, self cleansing period, between each level, so you can adjust to the new Reiki energy that has been introduced into your life.

Some online Reiki classes do not have this 21-day self healing period, but it’s really up to you to do this, before moving on.

On the other hand, you can become a Reiki healer without waiting. You will still get your Reiki healing certification online.

In the old days, my wife waited a very long time, this was at the beginning of the internet, to get your Master and Teacher degree. This was because her teacher decided when it was time for my wife to move on.

Become a reiki healer and master

There are those who are OK with learning just the first level. But most practitioners go on to the second, and even 3rd Reiki levels: Master and Teacher.

You might be thinking, hey, I really don’t want to teach Reiki, so why should I want to learn both Master and Teacher?

Good question.

With the 3rd level, your personal vibration increases. Your distance sessions, and in person healing sessions can only benefit from initiating into this level.

Because you will also learn a new symbol, techniques and knowledge that will improve your personal growth.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, you can now attune others into the universal life energy. Passing this awesome and sacred gift to others can only be appreciated through personal experience.

Imagine the joy and amazement your friends and clients will receive when they feel the beautiful Reiki power flowing through them?

Imagine how this will make you feel giving such a wonderful gift to others? And as a teacher, if you decide to go down this route one day, you will guide them, and create a new spiritual connection to them, bonding in the Reiki consciousness.

Sharing the gift of Reiki is so satisfying, it’s hard to put into words.

HoReiki Healing Certification Online

How to become a reiki healer, the steps

We always suggest that you learn Reiki in a direct, face to face course, but we also know this is not always possible. If you can’t attend a direct Reiki course for any reason, then maybe Lina and Daniela’s online course is a great alternative for you!

The first step is to find the right teacher. Now since you are here, Lina and Daniela might be the right teachers for you. So stick around, and find out more about them, and follow your intuition. Something has brought you here, to this page, for a reason.

Once you have found the right teacher, join their classes. For Reiki level one you will learn the basic knowledge about Reiki and the basic hands-on healing methods.

Then you will be initiated into Reiki by means of “attunements” that will empower you to be a Reiki channel.

From this time on, Reiki energy will flow through your hands. It means YOU are now a Reiki practitioner for the rest of your life. Isn’t that wonderful?

After your initiation you may need a 21-day healing period so you can integrate the first level of Reiki energy into your life before you move on to learn Reiki level 2.

Now you are a basic Reiki healer, it’s that simple.

But you can do more!

In Reiki level 2 you learn 3 symbols, that will help you to increase your personal vibration, and you will have more tolls as a reiki healer

In the Second Degree, you will learn the three Reiki symbols and the mantras.

These symbols are: The Power Symbol, the Mental Symbol, and the Long Distance Symbol.

This will enable you to do distance healing, mental and emotional healing, or sending healing to the past and/or the future. But, most importantly you will learn to heal your inner-child.

The inner-child healing is an important part of Lina and Daniela’s online Reiki course, so check it out.

You will also learn how to install a Reiki shower, and how to program Crystals with Reiki.

You will be able to enhance the Reiki Power and learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to release negative belief patterns. This is very exciting stuff!!!

But that’s not all. There is two more steps for even more personal growth.

Becoming a Reiki master at GatelightElearning

Reiki Level 3 – Master

You will be given the fourth symbol, and it’s mantra, after receiving the attunement. This will bless you with a spiritual awakening, an expansion of consciousness, a deeper peacefulness, a profound loving kindness, an increase of your intuition.

Reiki Level 4 – Teacher . (Yes Reiki teacher is sometimes referred to as level 4)

You will learn how to do the attunements, and how to teach Reiki.

Traditionally, to become a Reiki Master Teacher you need to teach at least just one person. So you do not qualify as Reiki Master and Teacher until you have taught someone. Today it’s different. There are lots of Reiki teachers who have never taught anyone because they don’t feel ready.

Becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher is a serious step that must be preceded by necessary preparation. One must first take Reiki one and two. All of this is taught by Daniela and Lina at, and comes with the necessary online certificates.

Reiki healing certification online is easy

One of the great things about learning Reiki online is the ease of use. Getting your Reiki healing certification online is easy too.

After completing all the lessons in the online Reiki 1 course curriculum, you will be able to automatically download your certificate, with your name right on it.

It’s as simple as clicking the next button. Then you will officially become a Reiki practitioner.

Getting your Reiki healing certification online this way applies to the higher levels too.

Reiki healers love to learn online, why?

Becoming a Reiki healer is an amazing gift to yourself and the world. The online video courses offered at are incredibly detailed, and teach you everything you would learn in a regular person to person class.

After you have tried learning online, you will realize how easy it is,

This is what students have said about Daniela and Lina’s online courses:

How To Become A Reiki Healer, Reiki Healing Certification Online

“I would highly recommend this course to all those wanting to learn Reiki. This is an awesome course with tons of useful information. Compared to other courses, the instructors recorded themselves to show us the practical side of hands on in Reiki.”

Better the 2nd time around

“I took my level 1 and 2 almost 10 years ago and decided to retake them prior to taking my Master and Teacher courses and I’m sure glad that I did. The way the content of the course is presented in video, audio and text makes all material sink in really well. I love that the videos are short and nothing drags out. Thank you again Daniela and Lina for another fun and interesting course!”

Loved my L1 Course

“Really enjoyed the L 1 course, great balance of informative videos and text well presented. Looking forward to my L2 with Daniela & Lina

A fantastic, beginners course!

“I loved this course: Reiki Level 1! It’s a thorough and interesting introduction into reiki healing. The attunement process is simple, very easy to understand and receive. Lina’s guided meditation during the attunement helped me to focus and experience this in its full beauty. A wonderful course that I recommend to all.”

A great reiki energy healer can be created anywhere

Today, because of the internet, there is a lot of pain and suffering caused by cyber bullying, and the toxic environment on social media.

For spiritual people, it is disheartening and depressing, and frustrating to see people going at each other throats online every day.

Yet, there is hope. Because with every bad thing there is the exact opposite. Where there is darkness there is light.

The internet is just a tool. It’s like money. People say money is evil. But this is not true. Money like the internet is neutral. They are both tools. You can do a lot of good with money. You can donate it to great causes to help others in need.

The internet is the same. It can be used for the greater good.

This is what Daniela and Lina are doing with They are making sure that a great Reiki energy healer can be created anywhere in the world!

This is so exciting, because the more people that attune to the Universal life energy, the more humanity as a whole, benefits from this higher vibration.

I’ve noticed that the Reiki energy is becoming stronger in my life these days; and this is because so many new energy healers have risen up all over the world lately.

If you have a sincere desire to help others and you live somewhere remote, or you feel it is better for the environment to learn at home, then learning online is for you. Know that each of us has the spark of God within them.

If you trust in the abundance of the Universe, you will receive abundance, and you will also be blessed with peace and joy.

So why reiki healing training online?

Why not?

Reasons for not attending a direct Reiki course can be for example:


– get one of the best detailed Reiki educations online, and not have to go anywhere

– get your certificate immediately and automatically downloaded, once you have completed the course

– not enough time

– having no possibility to get to a class, because there are no classes nearby

– physical problems

– no transportation

– save money

– save the environment

– have a lifetime access to the course material in case you need to review it again

– more space for other books in your bookshelf, lol

– helps you to grow in the qualities of the Universal life energy. This includes, kindness, courage, strength, and abundance, and love, compassion, wisdom, and humility

– helps you to continue to grow on your spiritual journey, which is the way of life for a Reiki healer, as there is always room to grow

Reiki healing the first and second degree, what’s the difference?

Most people learn the first and second degree, and some go on to become a Reiki Master and Teacher too.

The first degree includes the basic skills and attunements that enable you to heal yourself and others. It teaches you the essential hand positions, equipping you to carry out self healing as well as healing on family and friends.

For me the first level was the most important one.


Reiki Healer

Because it was my introduction into the exciting world of energy healing, and started me on my spiritual journey.

The first Reiki session I got from Daniela was literally life changing.

I really felt the energy flowing through me, and I knew that this was for real, and I had to know more.

The second degree was great to learn too, because it took me further down the rabbit hole, so to speak, teaching me secret symbols, that, at the time, was actually kept under lock and key.

These days the symbols can be found all over the internet, but back then they were meant to be secret.

Anyway, the second degree of Reiki broadens your Reiki knowledge and healing skills, and supports you in your inner growth and spiritual development.

You will learn the three Reiki symbols that will help you in strengthening the Reiki energy, and support you in Mental healing and Distant healing.

The second degree takes you on a journey into the healing energies of Reiki on deeper levels.

Master reiki healer and teacher the ultimate goal, why?

I think becoming a Reiki master is something that allows you, as a teacher to feel ultimate satisfaction.

Before you become a Reiki Master, first you must climb the Reiki ladder of higher vibrations, so to speak. By now, you have helped and maybe healed yourself, and others, and that has been a deeply moving, and satisfy experience. Helping others just feels great!

It’s like releasing a blockage, especially when people are grateful to you for your help.

As you trust the intuitive guidance of Reiki, you begin to let go of your logical mind, your ego. You find yourself living in the moment, and humbly surrendering to Reiki’s loving power. This changes your life in ways that bring greater harmony and feelings of real happiness.

Now becoming a master Reiki healer and teacher increases personal knowledge and wisdom, and because of this also your vibration, satisfaction, and happiness, because now, you are able to share the sacred and beautiful gift of Reiki with others. When you see people transforming and growing and glowing right before your eyes, with the new energy, as you teach and attune them into the Universal life energy, you will feel utter joy!

So become a reiki healer today

It easy to become a Reiki healer right now. Start your journey online.

Learning Reiki online is particularly easy and simple to do. And you can practice anywhere at anytime, most people an internet connection, right?

Once you have taken your first step, and you have been attuned and educated into the first degree, you can also easily integrate Reiki into your daily activities, and use it at home, at work, or while traveling.

Reiki supports whatever needs healing, whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual healing.

This powerful natural energy is available at all times, and sustains our lives every day.

Reiki Healer

Reiki works in a holistic manner, helping you to promote better health and well-being. Also Reiki brings the mental, physical, and spiritual into balance. Reiki is a life style. Reiki is like a form of meditation. And these days everyone know that meditations releases stress. And if you releases stress your body can begin to heal. This is the same for Reiki. Through practicing Reiki you release stress.

Learning Reiki online is particularly useful for people working from home, or in remote areas, who are in a support role, like a medical, psychological, physiotherapist position, or for caregivers.

When you work with people it can improve the quality of your healing care. It complements the methods of all styles of healing including orthodox medical treatment, natural therapies, massage and physiotherapy.

But of course Reiki does not replace a heath care professional.

Reiki is not intrusive, so it can give anytime, even from a distance. The most profound meaning of Reiki is to develop yourself as much as you can, to grow spiritually, and find good health and inner peace; getting your  your reiki healing certification online is the first step.

Now you know how to become a reiki healer and get your reiki healing certification online

In the end, we must consider that becoming a reiki healer, practitioner, or master teacher, is not the end of your spiritual journey, or path to enlightenment, good health and balance. It’s only the beginning of this amazing adventure into energy healing.

Your true potential is something only you can know, and can experience.

Reiki will take you on this path of self discovery. May all who would benefit from this path be guided to it. Obviously you have been guided here today, and now, you need to make a decision.

You now know how to become a Reiki healer, and get your Reiki healing certification online. So why not take the next step: CLICK HERE NOW!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article here. It was very nice to read through it, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. It makes it very easy to understand what reiki is all about, and also it helped me. Lots of great information on how to becomes a reiki healer, and how to get my reiki healing certification online. I’m seriously looking into becoming a reiki healer. But first, Is reiki healing for everyone?

  2. Thanks Shavo, anyone can become a Reiki healer, and get a Reiki healing certificate online. Any one can learn Reiki, and become a Reiki channel. On the other hand, Reiki healing is not for everyone. It is for those who are ready to be attuned, who feel like they are being called to become an energy healer. And yet anyone who has been initiated can channel Reiki energy, as long as they do this properly, which is easy to learn. Reiki is easy to do, and simple to use, and you can practise it anywhere, at any time. You can also easily integrate it into your daily activities and use it at home, at work, or while travelling. You can give it to yourself, to family, friends, and clients, even to children, and pets. The question for you Shavo is: are you being called to learn Reiki now?

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