What Is Reiki Therapy, And What Is Reiki Healing Therapy, Is There A Difference?

What Is Reiki Therapy, And What Is Reiki Healing Therapy, Is There A Difference?

What is Reiki healing therapy, and what is Reiki Therapy without the healing?

What is Reiki healing therapy? Simply put, this is Reiki with the intention of healing something specific. What is Reiki Therapy without the healing? It is all about your intention. Reiki does not need to be about healing a specific thing.

(Note: Reiki as a treatment is not a cure. Reiki, as therapy, is not a medically certified procedure. A Reiki Practitioner or Master cannot guarantee healing through Reiki. Always see a certified medical professional for serious illnesses, but Reiki can be a support, and is great for after surgeries, and the post healing process too. This post is based purely on my opinions and experiences. )

I have used it to help me in my daily life at work, to bring balance and peace into the work place. In this case, although helping to ease tension, the Reiki therapy here is not for healing any specific things, but used like a catalyst to break the ice, so to speak, and improve my work space, through distance daily Reiki therapy, in an attempt to create a more harmonious work space.

A quick definition of therapy I found in Google: “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder,” and: “the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means”

What is Reiki healing therapy, what is Reiki Therapy

The key word for me is “disorder.” Also, I would consider a reiki therapy treatment being something I do on a regular basis until the disorder has been taken care of. For my purposes a disorder can be anything on an energetic level that gives me the feeling something is not right. This feeling may not need healing, or a reiki healing therapy. It may just need more of a Reiki energy therapy, where I just send distance Reiki to a certain time and place, on a regular basis, to help dissolve any tensions, disorders that are negative influencers at work.

The benefits of Reiki therapy are perceptible when I do it this way

Before the reiki therapy, my work place was a pent-up stressful, and negative place to be. (I know it might sound strange to be talking about a therapy for a general space, but I see this as a distance therapy for my work place, because I do this on a regular basis like a therapy.)

Yet after the therapy, it felt like a Reiki healing experience, although I was not intentionally trying to heal any specific thing. During this therapy my work place began to feel less burdensome, less stressful, and far less negative, and we could get a lot more accomplished, as the reiki energy permeated our space.

In this way, I suppose there was some healing going on, and yet it was not like a Reiki healing treatment. It was more like a general space cleansing.

If you have the right ‘Reiki therapy training’, anyone can do this.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple and natural healing method. It is both gentle and powerful and brings wholeness to the giver as well as to the receiver.

Reiki is an ancient hands on technique, and has no formal connection with any religion, cult, dogma, or human belief system.

The word Reiki is Japanese, and it means universal life energy.

It is the energy that surrounds us, and can be referred to as Chi.

This energy is something that anyone can tap into. It is a vital life force energy that flows through all living beings.

Simply put, anyone can be attuned into the Reiki energy, and they can become a channel for the Reiki energy.

This means when you are giving a Reiki therapy, or a treatment for someone, the energy is not coming from you, but from the universal life energy, which you are channeling to the recipient.

In this way both the giver and the receiver get a benefit from the energy.

reiki healing therapy

So a Reiki treatment begins with the transfer of universal energy from the practitioners palms to the patient. This also does not have to be done in person, it can be done through a distance session too, like my example above.

In essence Reiki healing for you or the client means to connect to the whole, or become whole again

When our energy is drained and blocked by physical, mental, or emotional issues we can become ill.

Reiki gives us access to the universal life energy, and allows it to flow through us again, and then we feel alive, and vibrant, and better once more.

Reiki helps us to become reconnected to the source, to the whole, to God, or the life force.

This gentle, powerful hands-on technique restores the natural balance in the body.

What does Reiki healing mean to me

For me healing through Reiki means to balance the energy of a person, to activate self healing. Because we all know sickness comes from stress, and Reiki is also very realxing, and when your body can relaxing, and release stress, the self healing is activated.

What is Reiki therapy?

Reiki therapy for me is a Reiki healing experience. It can mean a lot of things. It can be a traditional one time treatment, or an experimental ongoing therapy the does not even require hands on Reiki healing treatment.

I have tried all sorts of ways of using Reiki healing therapy for many reasons, like for restless legs, for a good nights sleep, for the pain in my shoulder, for a better work environment, for increasing my intuition, for training my subconscious with positive affirmations, for headaches, the list goes on.

I also combine different techniques and symbols to see if I can increase the positive results.

Sometimes it works, and other time it does not.

Once I wanted to see if I could warm up a glass of water with Reiki energy. It did not work. But the results were surprising.

After drinking the water, I checked my aura on our aura imaging system to find that it had become extremely in balance. I did a video on it: watch it here

So what is Reiki therapy? It is the regular systematic giving of the Reiki energy, either in person, or from a distance, that helps the receiver to balance a disorder by making them whole again, through a direct connection to the Reiki energy.

reiki healing experience

Reiki can be given anytime anywhere, but it is best to find a peaceful setting

The patient can sit or lie down, but they must be comfortable, and there is no need to take off any clothing.

Sometimes music can be playing in the background, but if the client does not want this then please respect their wish.

After you have decided on the environment, the practitioner will activate the Reiki energy. Then they will place their hands lightly on, or over specific areas of the head, limbs, and torso using different hand positions. Touch is not necessary, and some client’s will not want the practitioners to touch them.

The hand placements over the body can be kept there for between 2 and 5 minutes, or longer if the practitioner senses the need to hold it there longer.

Experienced, well-trained, intuitive Reiki practitioners will sense when the energy is needed in one place more than in others. Often the energy is held above the areas of the body until the energy stops flowing.

The hands can be placed over 20 different areas of the body.

As the practitioner holds their hands over the body, this is when the transfer of energy takes place.

Some Reiki therapy techniques have been called:

  • aura chakra clearing
  • energy beaming
  • extracting harmful energies
  • smoothing and raking the aura
  • aura and chakra balancing
  • recharging the energy
  • mental and emotional healing with symbols
  • healing the inner child
  • healing the past, including past lives
  • charging and working with crystals
  • Reiki shower
  • scanning the aura for blockages

A typical Reiki therapy treatment

A direct person to person Reiki therapy treatment focuses on either a disorder or ailment that is chronic or acute. If it is chronic then a prolonged Reiki healing therapy is needed.

If it is acute, it will respond quickly and directly to Reiki energy, and may only need one or two treatments. With an acute pain or injury the practitioner is looking for a self-healing reaction, which will show that healing is taking place.

The reaction is sometimes perceptible, because with acute pain the Reiki power is absorbed immediately, and in large amounts, which may bring out the pain or symptoms even more, hence: the reaction.

For chronic disorders it will take far more intense treatments that may go on for several hours.

These treatments may span months.

The healing reaction also appears toward the end of the sessions, as the toxins are being coxed out and confronted by the Reiki energy.

This is sometimes referred to as the healing crisis, which will look like an acute version of the chronic disorder, but is just the healing process or reaction.

At this point you must continue with the Reiki therapy treatment, since now you have hit the core of the problem, and it is time to get rid of the remaining toxins.

Reiki therapy for a headache

a headache can be caused by many things like clod or flu, dehydration, stress, etc.


The Reiki channel must always be activated first, and if you are a Reiki 2 practitioner you can use symbols to help this process:

1. Lay both of your hands lightly, but directly, or above the area of pain that requires the therapy

2. Place your hands on, (if the client agrees, if not slight above) both sides of the head above the ears, fingertips touching the temples and palms, following the curve of the head.

3. Hold the back of the head with the fingertips over the medulla obolongata. This releases tension as well as pain. If the client does not want you to touch them, hold your hand in a similar position, but slightly away from each side of the back of the head.

4. Lay one hand on the back of the head (slide your hand underneath) over the medulla oblongata: place the other hand over the forehead (sixth chakra). Again it is possible to lay the firsthand under the back of the neck without touching it, and the second hand holding it slightly over the forehead too. This reduces stress and facilitates meditation; it is also good for multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and insomnia.

This is just a suggestion of a way I have learned, but I like to follow my intuition, and I also love the method Daniela and Lina are teaching in Something online course, which they call follow the pain. Something I did last night when I had a bad headache, and it worked!

What is Reiki healing therapy person to person?

A person to person Reiki healing therapy is hands on experience. The giver of the Reiki energy connects to the Reiki channel, and transfers the universal life energy directly where it is needed to the receiver.

The power of this vital force appears through Reiki, which occupies an empty vessel (the giver, or practitioner) to channel light, love and healing energy to the receiver, or the client. Reiki is love unconditionally, it can change, and balance anything it touches.

Reiki energy surrounds and permeates everything. Channeling this energy is marvellous and life moving.

A Reiki healing therapy is a regular set of treatments or sessions done in person.

The more treatments the client receives, the stronger the life force energy becomes in their lives, and this strengthens the client’s immune system, as blockages, toxins, and negative thoughts are released, and replaced with new Chi, to allow for the natural flow of energy.

A person to person Reiki healing therapy will bring balance to every level of your being over time.

Reiki healing therapy: follow your intuition

When you are giving Reiki on a certain
part of the body you can often feel that the energy is different there. Your hands feel cold, or it feels like nothing is
happening. If this is the case, please stay longer over this area, until you
feel your hands are getting warm, or the energy is flowing.

benefits reiki therapy

But also when you give Reiki, listen to your Intuition. For example if you want to
treat your head, because you have a headache, and suddenly you feel like
going with your hands over your stomach, then follow this impulse,
because there is a reason for it.

My Reiki healing experience

When I do Reiki for self treatment, I start with a specific theme, pain, imbalance, or disorder.

From there I follow my intuition.

If my hands are taken to a different part of my body that needs more energy I do not resist this urge. At the same time, if I feel like I need to use the long distance symbol to balance a situation in the future, like an up coming meeting at work, I do this too.

Often it is the blockage created through anxiety for future events that tells me to send Reiki to this coming situation.

At the same time, I can use the long distance symbol to heal my past, as the anxiety for the future is coming from past negative experiences that needs to be dissolved.

Listen to what your feelings are telling you.

Recognizing fear and anxiety is easy, but sometimes the indication for you to do some Reiki healing is much more subtle.

It’s as simple as feeling extreme tingling in your hands, or nothing at all. In this case use your intuition to lead you to the next step.

The benefits Reiki therapy can bring into your life

Modern scientific instruments have not been able to detect the Reiki energy. But a scientific study done in Calgary Alberta, has proven the effects of the Reiki energy on patients, specifically ones with a certain kind of cancer.

Science has proven that Reiki can be felt by many who tune in to it, and it is not just the placebo effect.

The most wildly reported effect of Reiki energy is the deep relaxation. It can assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I know from my own experience that it helps me to cope with difficulties at work, by relaxing feelings of stress, and this improves our collective well-being when at work.

Reiki has been called: “intensely relaxing.”

Here are some conditions that have shown the benefits Reiki therapy can bring into your life:

-sleep disorders


-ongoing pain


-fatigue syndromes

-heart disease




-Crohn’s disease

(Again: Reiki as a treatment is not a cure. Reiki as therapy is not a medically certified procedure. A Reiki Practitioner or Master can not guarantee healing through Reiki. Always see a certified medical professional for serious illnesses, but Reiki can be a support, and is great for after surgeries, and the post healing process too. )

Who can give a Reiki healing treatment?

Anyone who is attuned, and has learned at least Reiki level 1 can give a Reiki healing treatment. Once you have become a channel for the Reiki energy, you will feel concentrated life energy flowing through your arms and hands of its own accord, after the Reiki channel has been activated.

You will keep this ability for the rest of your life. Reiki can be learned by anyone who is open and willing to let this healing energy flow through them.

Becoming attuned in Reiki levels 1 through 3, and learning Reiki is not that difficult. But to become an expert at something is always a longer journey. The important thing is that you continue using Reiki every day in your life.

Give yourself a Reiki healing treatment, and give it to others, and if so, you too will become a true master of Reiki. Because Reiki is not just a skill, it is a way of life: a beautiful, positive, harmonious way of life.

Where can you learn Reiki therapy training?

Get your Reiki therapy training right now at GateLightElearning.com!

Learn it online and start without pause, immediately.

In my opinion, the education you will receive from Daniela and Lina is one of the best anywhere online. You will get a detailed video course that teaches you everything you would learn in a person to person course.

Reiki Level 1

You will learn the basic knowledge about Reiki and the basic hands-on healing methods. You will be initiated into Reiki by means of “attunements” that will empower you to be a Reiki channel. From this time on, Reiki energy will flow through your hands. It means YOU are now a Reiki practitioner for the rest of your life. Isn’t that wonderful?

reiki healing treatment, reiki therapy training, reiki energy therapy

How to improve your Reiki energy therapy

When you begin your Journey into the amazing realm of energy healing it does not stop with Reiki level 1. That is just the beginning. Improve your Reiki energy therapy skills by continuing the journey.

Reiki Level 2

In the Second Degree, you will learn the three Reiki symbols and their mantras. These symbols are: The Power Symbol, the Mental Symbol, and the Long Distance Symbol. This will enable you to do distance healing, mental and emotional healing, or sending healing to the past and/or the future. But, most importantly you will learn to heal your inner-child.

You will also learn how to install a Reiki shower and how to program Crystals with Reiki. You will be able to enhance the Reiki Power and learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to release negative belief patterns. Very exciting stuff!!!

Reiki Level 3 – Master

You will be given the fourth symbol and its mantra after receiving the attunement. This will bless you with a spiritual awakening, an expansion of consciousness, a deeper peacefulness, a profound loving kindness, an increase of your intuition.

Reiki Level 4 – Teacher

You will learn how to do the attunements and how to teach Reiki.

You can also take the Certified Reiki Level 1, 2, Master & Teacher – Bundle online Course too.

It offers three courses in one Bundle – With Attunements for each Level. And you can save money

To recap

What is Reiki therapy?

In my opinion, Reiki therapy is a series of treatments over time, which brings a general balance into the client’s life, to help you, your family members, friends, or a client to become more balanced.

It’s an overall life changing result. General Reiki therapy is great for overall positive outcomes.

What is Reiki healing therapy?

In my opinion, Reiki healing therapy is a series of treatments over time; but it focuses on a specific issue that needs to be healed, and on a physical level, strengthens the client’s immune system.

Reiki healing therapy is great for more localized outcomes. So now that you know what is reiki healing therapy, learn Reiki now: CLICK HERE!

6 thoughts on “What Is Reiki Therapy, And What Is Reiki Healing Therapy, Is There A Difference?

  1. I’ve been interested about reiki therapies for a while and found this to be very interesting. I did realize that reiki was a kind of sharing energy, but didn’t realize the extent of distance that can be utilized with the therapy. Is this something that beginners would benefit from, or is this better left to those who have practiced for a longer period of time?

  2. Great article Michael,

    I was wondering what is reiki therapy, and reiki healing therapy, and if there is a difference, and what that technique is called. I saw it all before and I never knew that it’s a chi transfer, super rad! The transfer of energy to heal works and I can’t wait to try it out with my friends, we often get tired before big competitions. Our of curiosity, do you think reiki will make the practitioner more tired since a transfer of energy is taking place?

  3. Hi Raiz, thanks for your question. That is a great question, and a common one. 

    Reiki will not make the practitioner more tired during the transfer of energy that is taking place. It is exactly the opposite in fact. 

    The Reiki practitioner is just a channel for the Chi energy that flows through the giver to the receiver. It is a symbiotic relationship between the universal life energy, and both participants; and the Reiki practitioner in truth also benefits from the channeling of the Chi, by becoming energized, not drained of energy. I hope this answers your question.  

  4. Hi Aly, yes beginners can absolutely benefit from Reiki healing therapy. Any one can learn how to do it, and any one can receive a Reiki therapy. Naturally a Reiki Master and Teacher will be better at Reiki therapy, especially those who practise Reiki every day. Learning is easy just use this link: https://gatelightelearning.com… if you are looking for Reiki therapy than there are lots of links online to find a Reiki practitioner, but do local searches to support your local Reiki community. 

  5. I have never had a reiki session before, and I had no idea what to expect so I went and tried it. For anyone who is needing some inner healing, go and have a session. I highly recommend. I have learnt a lot about the Reiki Chakra’s and how they connect to the body’s organs. It’s truly a beautiful and tranquil setting around you and the session is delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room. I know that when I am in a session, I let go of my anxiety, panic and tension I may be feeling at that time. I always leave a session feeling at peace. 

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Reiki therapy can really help with anxiety, panic and tension for sure! The more relaxed you are, the less stress you experience, the faster the healing can begin. 

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