About Daniela Hills

About Daniela Hills

Daniela Hills

4. February 1965  in Germany
Married status:
kids: 2 girls and 2 boys – an 1 Stepdaughter – and 1 grandson
Resident since 2005
Canada – Calgary
Founder of  WhiteLight Self Empowerment, The Healing Grid



  • (2002 – 2010) Ecology of the thoughts (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan aus Moskau, Jenja Kegeles)
  • Secrets of the subconscious (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
  • Gratitude (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
  • Information streams (channeling, talking to spirits, mediumship) (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
  • Nano-Technology – by Dr. L. P. Trojan
  • Money and Business – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
  • Intuition-Training – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
  • Becoming younger and loosing weight – (Education by Marina Benner based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
  • 2004 Reincarnation therapy (Jameison) (Reincarnation therapy-Education by HP A. Klieme, certified)
  • (2011) Theta Healing Practitioner
  • (2011) Remote Viewing (CRV and ERV)
  • Mediumship (Education by UK Medium Tim Abbott – England, Minister Libby Clark – England from Arthur Findlay College, Medium Melanie Fischer – Germany, and Charles Virtue)
  • Trance Healing  (Education by Sandi Baker, UK Medium from Arthur Findlay College)
  • 2 Point Method


  • (2002) Usui-Reiki (Education by Betina Maria Spring und Norbert Kuhl)
  • Grand Master degree (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
  • Shamballa-Reiki (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
  • (2002) Karuna Reiki® (registered teacher) (Education by Argante Steuernthal, Berlin, Germany)
  • (2002) Violet Flame Reiki (Education by Argante, Berlin, Germany)
  • (2005) Komyo Reiki Kai (Education by Karel Putz)
  • and more….

Egyptian school:

  • (2002) Seichim (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
  • (2002)Isis Seichim (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
  • (2003) RA~SHEEBA® (Education by A. S. Steuernthal and the Founder of Ra Sheeba)

Shamanic Healing:

  • (2002) Professional Aura Balancer (Spiralaura-Balance by Nemi Nath aus Australien) (Education by Betina Maria Spring)
  • (2004) Soul Hunting and Trance Dance (Education by Betina Maria Spring, Germany)
  • Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Education by Pamela Jordan from Irland)
  • Runa Energy (Education by Mo v. Lipinsky, Germany)

Other Energy-Healing-Systems:

  • Violet Crystal (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
  • Magnified Healing® (registered teacher) (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
  • Energy-Grid Activation (Education by Manuela Kornatz)
  • Tarot and Lenormand Reading (Education by Ilona Raufer)
  • Face Reading (Education by Herman Müller)
  • Fire Serpent Attunement
  • Spring Forest QiGong Healing
  • Quantum Touch
  • Space Clearing
  • Dowsing
  • …and more…

I love teaching reiki Calgary, or any of the schools of energy and spiritual systems you will find on this site or ones I am linked to…

If you want to know more about my Spiritual Online  Courses, click here: GateLightELearning.com

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  1. I’m looking to do a beginner shaman class
    And just wondering if you do in classroom or online

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