Trance Healing online course

Trance Healing online course

Trance Healing online course

What is Trance Healing? It’s a method of spiritual healing, where the energy comes directly from your angels, spirit guides and helpers. It’s basically a form of Mediumship, which is the art to connect to the Spirit World.

Trance Healing is perfect for helping yourself, and others.

Normally if you want to learn and practice Trance Healing or Mediumship you need to develop it step by step in a Mediumship Development circle. But the problem is, not everybody has such a circle close by, or has the possibility to commit to those circles on a regular basis.

I’ve practice Trance Healing for a long time, and I just love it, because it’s so helpful for releasing emotional and mental blockages.

What will you learn?

  • How to connect to your Spirit Friends (like Spirit Guides),
  • how link with them, and how to receive Messages,
  • how to do a Trance Healing for yourself,
  • how to do a Distance Trance Healing Session, as well a face to face Session.

Trance Healing will help you to practise your spirituality on a regular basis. Of course this has a lot to do with your own discipline.  But being spiritual, in a regular kind of way, is important for keeping your Mediumship skills up, and for your spiritual health!