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How To Use Shaman Tools For Shamanic Aid?

How To Use Shaman Tools For Shamanic Aid?

What are Shaman tools, and what is Shamanic aid?

Through Shamanism training you learn to use Shaman tools in order to empower you with Shamanic aid.

What do I mean?

This is simply a way that you can integrate Shamanic methods to find more balance in your daily life.

Shaman tools is a spiritual tool kit, so to speak, to aid you everyday.

I’m a mother of 5 (all grown up now), and grandmother of 3, I’m a wife, and housekeeper, a cook, and, of course, I’m a spiritual adviser, teacher, and course creator.

One of my grandchildren, and 2 of my daughters, live with us, so there’s a lot going on in our home.

Well, how do I find time for my personal spiritual growth? The best way would be to pack my bags, and go on a nice relaxing holiday. But this is not possible with my daily schedule.

Instead I CHOOSE to take time for myself, there is no other way to do it!

If I had an extremely busy day, or I feel out of balance, I use different Shaman tools to change this in no time.

30 minutes a day is often enough, sometimes less, sometimes more. Like First AID, this is an effective spiritual remedy, to help me get back to normal.

One of the Shaman tools I use is shamanic journeying. I go into my “Special” room, lie down, cover my eyes, and off I go, on a journey without packing my suitcase.

I know how busy life can be. You might feel the same way I do, right?

This is the reason why I love to share my knowledge about shamanic journeying with you. The good thing is that you don’t need to be a Shaman to do this, anyone who feels somehow called to do it, can give it a try.

And if you really feel out of balance, or powerless, a shamanic journey, to find and bring back your Power Animal, can change this.

I consider it the first step, the Shamanic first aid, toward balance and healing.

People ask me if there’s a difference between a Power Animal and a Spirit Animal?

For me there is a difference, for others there’s not.

What I’ve learned, on my Shamanic Journeys, is that a Power Animal symbolizes your own Power within you.

How To Use Shaman Tools For Shamanic Aid

If your power Animal is not with you, then you’ll feel like you need more than just a vacation.

A Spirit Animal for me is different.

It’s more like a Guide, an adviser or teacher.

But anyway, what I wanted to say is that almost anyone can do it, or at least try to take a shamanic journey.

And it can be done today.

In my online course, I take you through a safe and easy step by step process of how to do it.

Of course, you can go to someone and let them find your Power Animal for you, but why not have first aid shaman tools in your own hands, and do it yourself?

And after you’ve found your Power Animal, you can do so much more on a shamanic journey.

You can get answers to questions. You can find Symbols for healing, or meet your Spirit Helpers, and so on.

How wonderful would it be to have a tool right here, to bring balance into your life?

It’s true that a shaman is chosen by the spirits to become who they are.

Being a shaman is not an easy thing, it’s not something anyone should actually endeavour to be.
Either you are one, or you’re not.

But almost everyone can get a taste of shamanism, and incorporate it into their lives.

In this modern Western world you can use shaman tools to help yourself to be more balanced in your life. And if this is your calling, you will know it.

Not only will you be able to heal yourself, you’ll be able to help others by finding their Power Animals, or Soul Fragments too.

Shamanism can not be perfectly explained.

There are many cultures who once practiced it, but in different ways, with different perspectives, beliefs, and tools and rituals, etc.

So no one can actually 100% explain shamanism or shamanic practices, and where a shaman travels to and what the spirits are.

A shaman learns from their Spirit Helpers, and this is why no shaman will do the same, or be the same as another shaman.

Again, you don’t need to be a shaman to learn shamanic practices.

Almost anyone can learn to live with their environment, and feel the connection to all things, and this is where shamanism begins.

Finding balance in a busy life should be the norm for you.

Spiritual Energy Healing

And if this is not your normal life, then use shamanic journeying as one of the first aid shaman tools to find it.

It’s important to CHOOSE to take the time to find balance.

Another tool in my First Aid box is the drumming music, which is included in my Shamanic Journeying course. Just listening to the shamanic drumming, for half an hour a day, will have a great, positive effect on you, bringing you into balance.

So let me guide you, step by step, to find and bring back your Power Animal.

These First AID shaman tools are right here for you now to use. Bring harmony into your life by choosing to take the time out, and be good to yourself. CLICK HERE NOW!

The Truth About The Female Shaman History And Female Shaman Names, Was The First Shaman A Woman?

The Truth About The Female Shaman History And Female Shaman Names, Was The First Shaman A Woman?

Female Shaman History Is Fascinating And Is Found In Female Shaman Names, Was The First Shaman A Women?

Female shaman history is very interesting and found in female shaman names. There is no single word or even agreement amongst archaeologists as to what a shaman is.

The word itself describes the role of a tribal sage, of one particular Siberian culture. It was brought to the west centuries ago.

The word shamanism probably derives from the Manchu-Tungus word šaman, meaning “one who knows”.

It was discovered by Russians interacting with the indigenous peoples in Siberia.

Yet, at the same time, there is a big consistency when attaching a female to the role of Shaman.
And this is a fascinating key point.

Many names given to the male shaman in this region.

More on this in a bit.

In terms of shamanistic practises, there is no difference in the role carried out as a male or female Shaman. It’s not gender specific.

Many of what is commonly practised today more likely came from the female intuition in the first place. There is some proof of this which I will explain later.

Female Shaman History: General Shamanic Practices

Shamanistic cultures are not all the same. Shamanic practices vary.

But Generally speaking shamans travel either to the upper world, the world of human spirits, or the under world, the world of animal spirits, to enter the “spirit world” through portals.

They achieve this through trance, or by effecting a transition of consciousness, entering into a state of ecstasy.

This can be done through drums, dance, song, fasting, meditation, and more.

Then the Shaman acts as mediator, to communicate with the spirits on behalf of the community, including the spirits of the deceased.

Shamans can communicate with both living and dead to alleviate unrest, unsettled issues, heal illness, find answers to questions, and to deliver gifts to the spirits.

female shaman history

And they often see enlightening visions in their dreams, which was given to them by good or bad spirits.

Shamans may also claim to heal within the spiritual dimension by returning lost parts of the human soul from wherever they have gone.

Shamans also cleanse excess negative energies, which are said to confuse or pollute the soul.

Yet there are many different ways rituals and practises to achieve the above depending on the shamanistic culture.

So to get back to the origin of the word shaman, let’s look at the difference between female and male terminologies, within the region that this word came from.

There Is Evidence In Female Shaman History That Females Were The First Shamans

In the Siberian region there are several tribes. The names given to male Shamans very greatly, not so the Female equivalent.

The Yakut people, for example, call male shamans khamma or ayun.

But simultaneously Mongols and Buryats call them buge or bo.

kam and gam is what the Tartars and Altaians call them.

And baksy is the male shamans of Kyrgyzstan.

The Samoyed people call them tadibey.

A female Siberia shaman is given a different name.

And at the same time her name is spoken the same way in a wide geographical area.

For six different peoples her name is exactly the same.

The the word for a woman shaman is udagan, in the Mongols, Buryats, Yakuts, Altaians, Turgout, and Kyrgys cultures.

There may be some variation like: utagan, ubakan, utygan or utugun, but now we are splitting hairs.

This word probably originates from the Mongolian word Etugen which is the name of the ancient hearth-goddess.

Thus, udagan is an ancient prehistoric word because of its universality.

It is much older than all the words for a male shaman, which shows that female shamans have been around a long time.

Language experts would say a lot longer than male ones have.

female shaman history

Our first Shamans Were Women

This doesn’t exclude men from this role, not at all. But there is an inherent wisdom and intuition that goes back a long way for the female shaman.

Respect the female shaman. Through countless selfless acts of healing and support for their communities a woman shaman deserves respect.

Today Some Give The Female Shaman The Name: Shamanka, but that’s just the gender specific way of saying female shaman in Russian by adding the ka at the end.

We call them Seers, Wise Women, Medicine woman, pipe holders, high priestess, and dream seers.

There isn’t really just one name to describe a female shaman. It’s what they do, their actions that are similar the world over. They are Ritual Specialist, Diviners, Healers, And Ancestor Dreamers.

She can do many different tasks within her culture. A woman shaman can do everything from Shamanic Journeys for others, soul retrievals, to fortune telling, and storytelling.

The female shaman is a brave, honourable, and integral part of bringing protection and healing to their people and imparting their great wisdom through teachings!

In conclusion Daniela Hills is a modern day female shaman who has an amazing Shamanic Journey she would like to share with you right now!

female shaman history

So click on the link: How To Do A Shamanic Journey And Bring Balance And Shamanic Healing Into Your Life

Can You Trust Your Gut Feeling? Can Intuition Be Measured?

Can You Trust Your Gut Feeling? Can Intuition Be Measured?

Is a Gut Feeling Better than logic?

Until recently the notion of making decisions based on intuition, or a “gut feeling,” an “inner voice” or a “sixth sense,” was considered by rational, logic oriented thinkers as nonsense.

For the rational mind intuition belongs in the realm of unicorns and rainbows, and isn’t real. Intuition for many people is just something we imagine existing, but it has always been impossible to quantify scientifically.

Yet a new scientific study strongly suggests that intuition does indeed play a real part in people’s decision-making. For the first time, researchers devised a technique to measure intuition. They found evidence that people can use their intuition to make faster, more accurate and more confident decisions.

What is your gut feeling? Does intuition really exist?

Spiritual people who do reiki, soul hunting, trance healing, shamanic journeying, or tarot card readings, don’t need to be told by scientists that intuition is real.

But this new study actually shows that intuition does, indeed, exist. Researchers can indeed measure it, according to Joel Pearson. He is the lead and associate professor of psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

I know that intuition is something psychics and mediums, and tarot card people find interesting, and necessary to train. We, as energy workers, focus a lot on it. What I didn’t know is that intuition is a popular topic in psychology these days too.

In psychology, intuition is a process of the brain. This process gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning.

Now I would argue from a spiritual point of view that perhaps intuition is not just a process of the brain, but also of the universal mind, or through our collective consciousness, where information can be tapped into.

Getting into the science of intuition, is a gut feeling real?

Despite widespread acceptance of this idea these days, by psychologists and the public, scientists have lacked a reliable test to gather objective data on intuition, and to even prove that a so called gut feeling exists.

In early experiments, researchers didn’t really know how to quantify intuition.  Thus, they never actually measured it.

Gut Feeling

Previously scientists used inaccurate methods like questionnaires that asked people how they were feeling, while they made decisions. The obvious problem with trying to measure intuition this way was the fact that people would be just expressing their opinion of what they thought a gut feeling might be, and the result it produces.

However, Pearson, in the new study, actually came up with a series of experiments that can measure intuition. The experiments worked to show whether people were using their intuition to help guide their decision-making or judgment.

The researchers defined intuition as the influence of “non conscious emotional information” from the body or the brain, such as an instinctual feeling or sensation.

How they measure a gut feeling

In the experiments, the researchers showed small groups of about 20 college students black-and-white images of dots moving around on one half of a computer screen.

The researchers asked the students to decide whether the dots were generally moving to the left or to the right. As the participants made this decision, on the other side of the computer screen, they saw a bright, flashing square of colour.

In this experiment scientists would use emotional triggers. Sometimes they embedded an image into the colourful square that was designed to trigger an emotional response from the participants.

It was a kind of subliminal seduction technique, where the participant would be unaware that the researchers were adding both positive and negative imagery. For positive emotions they would flash in a puppy or a baby. For negative emotions they would subliminally add in a gun or a snake,

These emotional images were not perceptible, because they flashed at speeds too fast to be consciously perceived.

Basically the researchers simulated they way intuition works through subliminal images using brief, emotionally charged, and subconsciously perceived pictures.

What were the results

The results showed that when the participants were shown the positive subliminal images, they did better on the task: they were more accurate in determining which way the dots were moving. But they also responded more quickly and reported feeling more confident in their choice.

Another interesting result was that the more the participants did this study, the better they became at trusting their intuition, or gut feeling.

Pearson said. “It’s all about learning to use unconscious information in your brain”. Anything you practice will improve that skill. The more you apply logic and reasoning to a problem and succeed, the more comfortable making decisions become. But this works for intuition too. You may also become more adept at trusting your intuition when you use it more frequently over time.

Conclusion, can you trust your gut feeling?

Intuition can help people make better decisions under the right circumstances. The study showed that information subconsciously perceived in the brain will help with decisions if that information holds some value or extra evidence beyond what people already have in their conscious mind.

We still don’t know what intuition is exactly, or where it comes from, but now we know how to use it, and why we should be using it all the time. Making better decisions is always important for any purpose you can think of.

Intuition is especially important for spiritual work, and growth.

I found this study to be incredibly interesting, and proves that it is possible to train your intuition, to trust you gut feeling.

So why don’t you get started now,

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Intuition Meaning, Why Is It Mysterious?

Intuition Meaning, Why Is It Mysterious?

Intuition Meaning, What Is Intuition?

Intuition meaning is ambiguous to say the least.  Because no one can say what Intuition is, where it comes from, or how it works exactly. So it is a mystery.

Different cultures have different views of what intuition is all about. So it has remained in the realm of philosophy and spooky mysticism forever, until recently. Because science has, in fact, found a way to measure the intuition itself, but that will be for a different post.

Intuition meaning

Here are some of the different ways of looking at our intuition

Hinduism Intuition Meaning

In Hinduism intuition is part of identity knowledge. Humans have two arbitrary natures.

One is based on the sensory information gathered through awareness of the external world.

The other is self awareness, the inner world of emotions.

So this is knowledge by identity.

And combining the two, we can extend further to outside of ourselves, resulting in intuitive knowledge.

Living in the state of intuition is one of the ultimate aims of humanity.

Buddhism Intuition Meaning

Buddhism connects the subconscious mind to Intuition. (This is perhaps the closest explanation to modern science.)

Intuition goes beyond the logical mind, into the mental process of conscious thinking. The reason for this is that the conscious mind has a difficult time interpreting, or even connecting to subconscious information.

In Zen Buddhism Intuition is kind of bridge between the Universal mind, and one’s individual, discriminating mind.

Islam Intuition Meaning

In Islam there are many and varied interpretations of intuition.

Because in Islam it is believed that regular knowledge is based on imitation, and intuitive knowledge is based on intellectual certitude.

Some think Intuition has a mystical, magical nature, and mystical contemplation will bring about correct judgment.

Others think intuition is a prophetic ability. It is the knowledge you get without asking for it. It just comes to the observer. It’s up to the prophet to recognize it.

Western philosophy

So in the West, Plato describes intuition as a pre-existing knowledge, residing in the “soul of eternity”.

All knowledge already exists, yet dormant, and it is up to us to tap into the soul of eternity through intuition, a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge.
Plato’s interpretation is by far the most spiritual, and for me, closer to the truth.


What Intuition is, where it comes from, or how it works exactly, is hard to describe. And the ancients believed it could be anything from magical to spiritual.  And they thought it is connected to the subconscious. Or it is dormant universal information, existing before we were born in the soul of eternity.

It all seems fantastical to me, and it is.

Trusting your intuition is one of the most mysterious experiences we can have.

And even through recent scientific studies have proven the positive effects of intuition, it still remains a mystery. But perhaps further investigation will crack this mystery one day.

The important thing is that you learn to use it to help you make faster, more accurate decisions.

The good news is that this is possible.

You can start training your intuition right now. Learning things like Reiki, Trance Healing, Soul Hunting, Shamanic Journeying, will help you to develop your intuition, and bring balance into your life.

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Intuition VS Logic: How Do I Know When My Logic Is Incorrect?

Intuition VS Logic: How Do I Know When My Logic Is Incorrect?

Intuition, What Is It?

Intuition is important for what I do. I’ve been a shooter for the news for almost 30 years. When, I arrive at a scene, like a house fire, there is a lot happening, chaos, tears, shouts, and tragedy.

When, I arrive the first thing to do is get shots of the flames. And yet almost immediately I connect to the surrounding chaos.

I cut through it like a thick fog, and a stark clarity takes over my senses.

There is a rush of adrenaline, which seems to heighten my senses, specifically my intuition. And then I go forward and follow my instincts.

Talking to the right people in this kind of chaos, is something that will change the dynamic of the narrative immediately, and this opportunity is fleeting.

Everything is happening in real time, in the moment, so to speak.

I need to follow my intuition, but what is it?


I have developed an intuition that always takes me to the right people I need to talk to.

Shooting news or shooting dramatic narrative film are exact opposites. I’ve done both

With movies, you spend all day creating the perfect moment, which becomes your scene, through light and camera and actor placements.

With the news, you arrive at a real life scene, and you have to be in the moment, as the story unfolds in real time.

Often the entire story, all the elements you need for a news story, will happen in five to ten minutes, and then the opportunity is gone.

A good shooter will intuitively capture the whole thing as it is happening.

To be able to get every angle, every element, every part of the story that happens in such a short time frame, you need to have the eye.

And that eye for many shooters is actually a highly trained intuition, which comes from years of experience.

Some are born with it.

For me it is a combination of experience, and my spiritual understanding, and appreciation of living in the moment.

If I relied purely on logic I would arrive at a scene, shoot the flames, and wait for a press release, or a fire chief clip after it was all over.

I would walk up to the first person I see, and get some generic, reactionary clip. Yet all of this can be done later.

On the other hand, when, I trust my intuition, as I’m shooting the flames, I might see a couple of people standing on a lawn, watching, and something tells me, a feeling, that they are the tragic home-owners.

I approach them. I have a feeling they’ll talk.

Indeed, they talk, and tell me, with tears in their eyes, that their cat has died in the flames.

It’s terrible and sad, and I feel for them, but now I have a story.

How Do I Know When My Logic Is Incorrect? My Intuition Tells Me.

This kind of street intuition works great when randomly asking pedestrians questions too, like, “who will you vote for?”

9 times out of 10 I always ask the person who will talk to me, instead of brushing me off.

I’ve also noticed this when going door to door, trying to find witnesses to local crimes.

Somehow I always know which house people will either answer the door, or not.

I seem to be able to pick the house that will deliver the best clips. I’m following a feeling that tells me where I should be knocking.

My Intuition

Intuition is hard to describe. In Zen Buddhism intuition is deemed a mental state between the Universal mind and one’s individual discriminating mind.

For me it’s a feeling.

And sometimes intuition comes to me through imagery, like mental pictures, none of which I can explain.

But how do I know when my logic is incorrect? My intuition tells me.

All I need to do is follow that first thing that I feel, or see in my minds eye.

If I do this, 9 out of 10 times my intuition will be correct.

In truth, when I’m on the street shooting news, I rarely use logic anymore.

Like a detective, using my intuition is important for what I do. And it proves that it can be used for more than just spiritual work.

Although having a well-developed intuition will set you apart from other energy workers, mediums, psychics, and tarot card readers, everyone can train their intuition; and it can be used in every kind of profession, or daily activity.

My Logic

Logic works for things like recognizing associations.

An example: when I arrive, hours after a crime has taken place, to a scene, and all the police tape has been ripped down, I need to find the crime house in question. The cops won’t give me the exact address.

In this case, it is always the one on the block that has the porch lights on.

Cops do this to indicate to other investigators the house in question.

The light being on as an association or sign is correct 99% of time.

It’s nearly scientific and fits into logic.

If the cops forget to turn the lights on, then I can only trust my intuition to tell me which house I need to shoot.

The good news is that I can find the house in question through my intuition too, it just might take I little longer.


Intuition and logic both have their functions.

For spiritual development, logic is great for learning.

Intuition is best when practically using what you have learned, and applying it to things like Reiki sessions, tarot readings, soul huntings, every spiritual work you can think of.

I realize now that the same kind of intuition, or gut instinct, I follow during working hours can be applied to anything in my life.

I think this is exciting, and an adventure.

Who knows what doors it will open in my life from this point on, and what mysteries I’ll find behind them?

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