Why I Define Spiritual Enlightenment As Something We Do Not Know

Why I Define Spiritual Enlightenment As Something We Do Not Know

Chapter 2:

Spiritual Enlightenment: What We Don’t Know, But Think We Do

Before we can understand the power of knowing nothing as spiritual enlightenment, let’s look at what we don’t know, but think we do. When we cut through the layers of babbling, self centred thought, we recognize the brain to be a reasoning machine. But what is the truth behind reason?

Spiritual Enlightenment

Reasoning can’t always be trusted. What we think is reason might just be wishful thinking, influenced by emotions and desires… Confused by our desire to win, and be right, our rational minds are often jaded by belief systems, subconscious desires, physical influences, and prejudices.

What we think is the objective reasoning of the mind, is just a fantasy projection of how things should be, in order that we might feel most comfortable.

It’s not reality, and, to be honest, cognitive scientists speculate that we do not comprehend 99% of reality to begin with. In fact, the 1% we do comprehend, is just a primitive mechanism for survival.

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  • Here is an analogy of how much reality we actually perceive: imagine a single word printed on a computer screen.

    Looking at it, we see just that one word: the 1% of reality… but not the 99% of the electronic wizardry behind the screen, which enabled the creation of that word. Almost all of reality sits behind the screen, so to speak, and we can’t even begin to comprehend it.

    All we have is that one word. Yet to survive, the 1% we do see still, allows us to use the computer as a powerful tool.

    So let’s stop pretending we know the other 99%. Let’s stop pretending we have all the answers. Letting go of this belief will help you to turn that one word into an entire book, where anything is possible… you have the power: just let go… Click For Spiritual Enlightenment now!

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