How To Reiki: Can Reiki Warm Up A Glass Of Water? You Might Be Surprised: Reiki Energy Healing Of The Aura

How To Reiki: Can Reiki Warm Up A Glass Of Water? You Might Be Surprised: Reiki Energy Healing Of The Aura

How To Reiki:

Warming up water is not something I would do with reiki energy. This is just a fun experiment. But The results might surprise you.

Yesterday I tried to warm a glass of water with just level 1 reiki energy. It appeared to work: I raised the temperature by 2 degrees. Now that was not a controlled experiment, because the heat was on, the water came out of the tap under 15. So the water might have been warmed simply by room temp, and or my body heat.

Let’s begin and see what happens, if anything the water should stay the same (or get cooler?) well it seemed do this: nothing happened today at all, at c15 it didn’t even get up to room temp which was C21.

But there is more to it: before I began I took an aura reading, this is what my aura looked like this morning: it was blue.

When I was younger I was green, but now I’m normally blue, every time. Blue means caring, being sensitive, loving, and helpful. Blue in your aura indicates a strong sense of peace and calmness, and it also shows communication ability, and a love of conversation. You thrive in a healthy loving and caring relationship. All of this is true for me. I like to talk, and I’m a family man. Blue is my normal color.

Now I’m going to drink the water, lets see what the aura looks like afterward:

I’m not surprised that after drinking the water my aura has become white. White is spiritual, transcendental, higher dimensions, and non-physical qualities. (If there is lavender, you have a imagination, your visionary, and a daydreamer. White has entered my aura through the infusion of reiki energy in the water. White contains all the colours in perfect harmony and balance. White indicates an enlightened state connected with divine energy. I expect to return from white to blue as the day’s activities get started,

But amazing, right?

Personally the effects of reiki isn’t something to prove. It’s not something to look at through a microscope. It just works for me. I know it works through experience. For some it might not work at all. I don’t know why, one way or the other. It’s something you have to try for yourself, and make up your own mind about it. But it can be fun to experiment with reiki. And spiritual energy is in everything.

How To Reiki:

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