Shamanic Healing: How Can The Shaman Be The First Psychologist?

Shamanic Healing: How Can The Shaman Be The First Psychologist?

Ancient healing is done in many ways. The Shaman is a healer too. Shamans, through shamanic healing, act as mediators communicating with the spirits on behalf of the community. This also includes the spirits of the deceased. The shaman uses these powers to make things better for the individuals in their community. They talk to both the living and the dead.

Shamanic Healing: A Cure For Chaos

They bring balance, peace, settle unrest, take care of issues of conflict, and even give gifts from Spirit.

Shamanic Healing

Although the shaman may take on many rolls in their community, like predicting peoples futures, storytelling, leading ritual and sacrifice, or being a guide to souls, one of the most important rolls is conducting shamanic healing.

This can be done purely in the spirit world.

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  • The shaman will bring back missing power sources in their patients lives, like their power animal, or help them through a soul retrieval. In Shamanic healing, it is believed that parts of your soul are free to leave you. Sometimes this will happen during dreaming. Sometimes parts of your soul will go missing through much turmoil in your life, like emotional or physical situations. So the Shaman can heal this aspect of your life through a soul retrieval.

    Shamanic Dream:

    The shaman is not limited to the spirit world in terms of healing

    Shamanic healing can help to alleviate physical illness too. Yet this is still done by gifting, flattering, threatening, or wrestling the disease-spirit.

    The interesting effect here points to the power of belief, and or, the placebo effect. This is done when the shaman receives a symbol or a token of the problem-causing spirit. Thus, because of this symbolic extraction, the patient thinks there is healing in process, and they get well again. Modern doctors use this all the time, giving their patients sugar pills, and because they think the pill is medicine they get well too.

    There is nothing wrong with this.


    Much of our illnesses are created in our minds. They are psychological in nature, and in this way you could say the shaman was the first psychologist.

    Shamanic Healing

    Today we can’t all have access to this ancient wisdom, acted out by an Aboriginal shaman, because a traditional shaman lives in remote areas, and it’s just not practical.

    But there is a way of doing it yourself, which works amazingly. Daniela Hills is a Shamanka, or female shaman, who has done many soul retrievals for others, and has bridged the gap between the Spirit world and this world, through the shamanic healing of a shamanic journey for others and herself. Go here to take a Shamanic Journey all on your own.
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