An Energy Healing Experience That Creeped Me Out And Changed Everything!

An Energy Healing Experience That Creeped Me Out And Changed Everything!

Years ago Daniela attuned me into the mystical energy healing modality of Ra-Sheeba

I didn’t know what to expect with this energy healing. I don’t have any expectations. But what happened was crazy.

After it was all done, at first I didn’t know what to make of it, but I needed to find an explanation.

Energy Healing Ra-Sheeba

If you haven’t heard of Ra-Sheeba it’s a very powerful section of the available Universal Healing Energy. The healing works directly on the Chakras. And it changes our DNA. You can only get it if you are attuned to the highest Reiki Master vibration.

Anyway I got the attunement now almost two decades ago. It was a comforting experience, but afterward it freaked me out.

So I’m lying on a reiki table, my eyes closed, relaxing during the attunement.

I felt warm, as if I was in a desert just after sunrise

Through the darkness I could see Egyptian figures like RA emerging like through a mist coming toward me, then receding.

I saw a pyramid.

I moved toward it, and into it, down a long narrow corridor, and onto a large staircase that led up into a chamber.

White light was coming out of the chamber. It moved toward me as if it was liquid, and then it surrounded me.

It was startling yet calming.

But this was not the crazy part!

And at that moment I felt a hand touching my side, in a comforting way; yet Daniela was standing on the other side of me, a fair distance away.

The hand that touched me was real, no doubt about it, I could feel the individual fingers.

This was one of my most memorable experiences, and it did freak me out a lot.

Afterward I asked Daniela if she had touched me during the attunement. She said: “no,” she kept her distance,  “touching is not part of the process.”

At that moment everything changed: my entire perception of the spirit world, and reality.

Now I knew that there is something very comforting and odd going on, which we don’t see during our regular day.

It’s something hidden, yet it’s there somehow, somewhere.

There’s more to reality than meets the eye!

What that something is I can’t tell you, even today, but it’s comforting, and it’s spiritual.

It’s the spirit world!

Yet the spirit is something that isn’t easy to quantify

Science tends not to even talk about it, because they can’t prove that it exists at all.

It seems that spirits aren’t interested in proving anything. The spirits are there, however, because I know it now from personal experience.

I know that paranormal anomalies are real, even if these experiences can not be contained in strict laboratory conditions.

The hand that touched me felt like a real human hand, and the touch was warm and comforting.

I’m still looking for the explanation, but certainly for me the spirit world is real

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  • An Energy Healing Experience That Creeped Me Out And Changed Everything!

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