How Animism And Shamanism Are Connected: An Amazing Way To Meditate

How Animism And Shamanism Are Connected: An Amazing Way To Meditate

What Animism is not

I always thought that meditating in nature was part of shamanism. But this is more like Animism.

Let me explain.


I would spend time in nature, trying to connect with the world around me, with the hope of understanding shamanism.

So once, when I was sitting under a tree meditating, a pinecone fell off a branch, and hit me on the head.

It startled me, and I opened my eyes, and the meditation was over.

At that moment I wondered what I was tying to achieve.

I knew nothing about shamanism. I had to know more.

So I started to research the subject and found some interesting stuff.

What I found out

Apparently, the first layer of shamanism is rooted in the view that everything, alive or inanimate is connected, called ‘Animism’

Shamanism is built upon this foundation.

Yet this is not the spirit world.

I think there is some confusion here.

Many think that sitting and meditating in nature, and being one with it, is shamanism, but in fact that is Animism.

Animism is the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

It says that plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena all have a soul. And everything is connected.

Opening up, and experiencing this connection can be energizing.

Thus, we should always be striving for that which connects us through Animism.


It gives us power

At times I don’t want to go out and be with others.

I prefer to stay home, in a hermit like way, and this makes me weak.

If I go out with a group of positive people, I get energized.

I’m powerful and filled with life when I’m connected.

Connecting to the natural world is always life filling.


Because you are connecting to who you really are.

You are the creator, you are part of a collective connected consciousness creating reality, like what Animism is talking about.

But like the natural world, we are all part of the spirit world too.

A shaman knows how to connect with the spirit world

Animism tells us that everything around us has a spirit too.

As kids we could connect to the spirit world.

But over time, we’ve forgotten how to do this.


So the first step, if you’re following a calling to be a shaman, is to know that you are not alone, that everything, and everyone is connected.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Or to give help to others.

Being separated is an illusion, Animism teaches this too

You need to learn to feel the connection.

Understanding, and feeling Animism is a great place to start your spiritual journey.

Amazing way to meditate

To get a start on the shamanic way, and to experience Animism just spend time in nature, and focus on everything that enters your senses.

Focus on the sounds, scents, textures, temperature, breeze, thoughts, everything.

Sit under a tree and meditate if you like.

Take off your shoes, and feel the earth with you toes, etc.

Become part of the whole.

So doing a shamanic trance dance is taking it a step further, and a great way to relax and lose your self-importance.

It allows you to connect to the real world through Animism, and the spirit world at that same time.

And you feel the floor at your feet, yet you can also connect with your spirit dance partner, your spirit guides, or spirit animal.

Give Animism try. Click here: Shamanic Trance Dance 

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