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Tarot For Beginners, The STORY, And Why A Tarot Reading Is Not Set In Stone?

Tarot For Beginners, The STORY, And Why A Tarot Reading Is Not Set In Stone?

Tarot for beginners may seem daunting because there is a lot to memorize

When learning tarot for beginners one of the biggest hurdles might be trying to learn each individual card.

This might be true, but the hardest part is learning to let go and trust your intuition.

When I was younger I thought that anything that could not be proven in a laboratory was not real.

This is before I met Daniela.

She showed me that there is a spiritual place beyond STORY.

I’ll explain what I mean by STORY in a second.

But this got me thinking, to the point where I had to question everything about my preconception of reality.

I found myself spiralling down the rabbit hole of uncertainty.

Through various attunements into Reiki and Ra-sheeba, Daniela helped me to break out of the trap of logic, which I was caught in at the time.

I began to realize that nothing is set in stone.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

Life is subjective.

Everything is based on a STORY, and stories are inventions.

Both science and religion are based on stories.

The only way humans can communicate is through storytelling. Even in conversation we tell each other stories about our daily experiences.

Everything from a nursery rhyme, to a technical manual are in essence stories.

A tarot card reading is no exception, it automatically becomes a story through explaining the reading.

The problem is when we think that a STORY is fact

tarot for beginners

Because even the stories in science change.

They change all the time, as we try to explain the mystery of life through experiments;

It begins as a thesis, which again is a story.

A scientific paper is actually an adventure story of exploration, embarking on a journey to find a new, promising fact, which will benefit humanity.

A tarot reading is not set in stone either.

A tarot reading is an adventure story about your life, and who you will become

Yet, it’s just a guide for the reader, and the one being read for.

A reading will show you where your future may take you, if you stay on your current path.

This means tarot reveals your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts, which you can change, luckily, to determine your future.

Tarot is an unusual way of telling a story, because a good reading is done through some logic, but mostly intuition.

This is what I mean about going beyond STORY.

Story is purely based on logic.

When you learn to trust your intuition, you are connecting to the spirit world, which simply exists without logic.

If a tarot reading points out to you that the path you are on is the wrong path for you, know that the path is not set in stone!

Your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts will dictate your future, but you can change them!

You can take a different path anytime, and write a different story of your life.

Daniela and Lina have created a great tarot for beginners course, which will get you started in trusting your intuition.

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Are Tarot Cards Evil? Find Out Now!

Are Tarot Cards Evil? Find Out Now!

Are tarot cards evil, are you doomed for using them?

Are tarot cards evil?Are you evil?

I don’t think I’m evil, but a long time ago I wondered if using tarot was ok.

Back then I thought, is there some mystical and evil influence on these cards that seem to accurately predict the future.

Today I know better, but a long time ago I asked this same question.

Now I know the answer.

So why am I asking you if you are evil?

I’m asking you this because tarot cards simply represent you, and your life, and the decisions you make every day to determine your future.

I’ll expand on this later.

First, is the devil card, and the death card, or the tower card evil?

Some people might think so.

Even before tarot was used for fortune telling it was considered by some to be evil

It began in the 14th century as a popular parlour game.

The original tarot cards were just playing cards.

But even so, players of tarot were sceptical.

Some, Nobles in particular, considered certain cards such as Death, the Devil, and the Tower pretty offensive.

These images on the cards caused religious leaders to attempt to ban the Trumps due to its (as they believed) Satanic connections.

But, truth be told, it was more due in part that Tarot was something that most religious leaders didn’t really understand.

Tarot took away much of their control over the peasants.

Some Italian friar’s believed that tarot was invented by the Devil

are tarot cards evil

But the devil card, is not evil.

It shows us that we are stuck in our ego, and we should go the way of love.

The opposite card to the devil is the lovers card.

So the devil is helpful for you to recognize your ego, and choose the path of love.

Now the death card represents a slow change in your life, or transformation.

The death card simply says something is slowly coming to an end, a job, or relationship.

And the tower card is a sudden change, it will feel uncomfortable in the moment, but afterward you will see the good in it.

All the cards simply help you to learn to know yourself.

What do I mean?

The Major Arcana in Tarot describes the circle of life.

Somehow tarot cards represent every possibility, at any given time, that may occur in your life.

There is nothing evil about tarot.

Tarot does not judge.

If there is evil, good or bad, that responsibility is something you must take on yourself.

Tarot is simply a guide to show you who you are.

So are tarot cards evil?

No, absolutely not! They are simply a tool, and in most cases, a sign of hope, or a warning.

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The History Of Tarot Cards Is Still A Mystery, Why?

The History Of Tarot Cards Is Still A Mystery, Why?

The history of tarot cards: why is it still a mystery?

I always wanted to know the history of tarot cards, and why they have the power to guide me in my life for today, and into the future.

When I looked it up I found something discouraging.

Know one really knows where the mysterious power of the tarot deck comes from exactly.

How does it work?

Unsatisfied I kept looking for the answer.

This is what I found

The history of tarot cards can be traced back to playing cards.

The first decks were used to play popular parlour games.

The designs of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana can be traced back as far as 1440 A.D. when the first known deck appeared in central Italy.

The game of  tarot has many regional variations. Tarocchini has survived in Bologna and there are still others played in Piedmont and Sicily.

It wasn’t until 1785, when Jean-Baptiste Alliette, a French occultist, and first known professional tarot card reader, popularized tarot divination to a mainstream audience.

Alliette claims he learned tarot from an unnamed Italian

Later he explained that tarot, astrology, the four classical elements, and the four humors had similarities.

In 1791 he issued a revised tarot deck specifically designed for occult purposes.

Apparently in 1781 the French Swiss Protestant clergyman and occultist Antoine Court who named himself Court de Gébelin published his idea that the Tarot was actually an ancient Egyptian book of arcane wisdom.

Now there is no evidence to support the notion that tarot has an Egyptian lineage.

But Alliette argued he had been introduced into the art of cartomancy in 1751, long before the appearance of Court de Gebelin’s work.

This takes us back to the mysterious unnamed Italian who had once showed Alliette the art of tarot card reading.

Later it was augmented in 1857 the notion that the wandering Romanian people – “Gypsies” then thought to be descendants of Egyptians – had carried the game deck with them on their travels through Europe, and used it for divination.

the history of tarot cards:
The history of tarot cards.

Did Alliette, in truth, learn tarot from a wondering Egyptian Gypsy?

And if so, this still tells us nothing about the mysterious power of the tarot cards.

Tarot may well be a combination of ancient astrology, numerology, and life encompassing experience.

But the origin of its mystical power may not ever be known.

So I thought about this puzzle for a long time, and came up with my own theory of why tarot cards work so well.

Simply said, tarot cards represent our lives

To understand this, did you know that PI is the number 22!

PI is a perfect circle.

In numerology, 22 is the master number.

22 is associated with the vibration of The Master Builder who has the ability to turn the loftiest dreams into concrete realities.

Yet when it occurs in our everyday experience, number 22 is an ordinary multi-digit number.

Thus, 22 represents both our highest life goals, and our ordinary, humdrum daily existence.

In this case PI, or 22, is like the wheel of Karma, or the Major Arcana in Tarot, it describes the circle of life.

The Major Arcana in Tarot describes our life from our birth: the Fool card, to our death the World card

This is why any spread that a Tarot reader lays-out for you, will alway relate to your life specifically.

What I mean by this is any combination of cards will relate to something in your life, because life is predictable.

Tarot cards represent this predictability.

Life is locked into a handful of expectations.

Tarot cards represent every possibility you may experience in the circle of life; for today, and the lofty goals you may have for your future.

The major Arcana is also tied to your  Karma.

Tarot cards will show you a repetitive pattern, as your existence grinds on, turning around and around, and repeating itself.

In this way tarot is like a mirror of your life, it shows that if you stay on your current path, you will keep repeating both good, or bad, results: tarot does not judge.

Anyway, how we came to this kind of fortune-telling we may never know.

But thanks for learning about the history of tarot cards, and my fun hypothesis. Now it’s time you start learning tarot try it for FREE: Click here NOW

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners, Without Learning Each Card On Its Own

How to read tarot cards for beginners: when Daniela shows students how to read tarot cards for beginners they wonder how this is possible without learning each of the 78 cards on its own, using simple techniques. Just let me say that this it works! And you’ll be amazed.

But first, a few years ago I tried to do my own Tarot reading to see if I would get laid off. It told me I would soon see new opportunity. It was a bit vague and scary.

I didn’t like the Tarot reading I did.

The future was still very unclear in this reading.

So would I be laid off?



Who knows!

My tarot card reading only made things more suspenseful, and my worry only grew.

Yes, the reading was bad.

The way I interpreted it was that a new opportunity could mean anything.

Being laid off could be a new opportunity, but a frightening one, right?

If I got a new job, what if it paid poorly?

Or would I keep my old job, but be asked to do more work to cover the people they laid off? Would this burn me out?

Both seemed negative to me

I concluded that it’s more trouble than good to do an uneducated reading. I should’ve left the reading for the experts to do like Daniela.

Her advice is always great!

She told me that Tarot is never set in stone. It should only be used as a guide to see where my future will lead me, if I stay on that path.

“Your reading was positive,” she said, “so stay positive, and something good will happen.”

Boom! She was right!

Everything turned out okay in the end.

I kept positive, I kept my job, and ended up getting more money.

I wish I had had the opportunity to take Daniela’s easy Tarot course back then.

But Is There Really An Easy Way To Learn Tarot Card Readings?

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

To understand this first you must know a bit about Daniela’s history, which you might be able to relate to.

Years ago, she bought many books about Tarot, or attended Tarot classes, with the hope that they would help her to easily understand how to read cards.

She told me that each book was great, she could read about the meaning, but she had a hard time remembering each card.

She always had to refer back to the books, which I can relate to.

So she was, like me, often confused, because the meaning of the cards were always a bit different in each of the books.

I could relate to this? 

That’s why she, with Lina, created this course for you!

They have an unusual Tarot course that’s going to show you an easier way
of learning Tarot quickly and thoroughly, so you will remember, after some practise, the meaning of the cards almost instantly!

This course is for beginners, and  everyone, who already has some experience with these cards.

The Art of Easy Tarot Card Reading will get you started doing a tarot reading in a very short time.

In this course you look at the cards from different angles. Daniela and Lina use storytelling, and a system built on numbers, like numerology, from 1 to 10, combined with simple hints, and tricks.

But most importantly, you will learn how to connect to the cards intuitively to receive unique information during a reading.

they will guide you throughout the course in a simple way so that you will understand the Tarot cards, without learning each card on its own.

This course is a very practical course, based on videos, audios, text and handouts.

Lessons are bite sized, no padding, no endless history, and lectures. We go straight to the point, and you get to learn right away.

So if you want to learn how to read tarot cards for beginners, this is a great course to start with! Click Now and Try For FREE!

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

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