Free Guided Meditation Online Course

Free Guided Meditation Online Course

Free Guided Meditation Online Course

Inner Peace is important. It will help you find your balance in life. Balance is the key to growing and becoming whole again. This free guided meditation online course will hep you to achieve inner peace.

Free Guided Meditation Online Course

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James Samuel Myers: 5 stars!
“Outstanding Meditation Course! Clear instructions and soothing guided practices make this the perfect meditation introduction. The Ho’oponopono meditations are life changing!”

Do a meditation each day. Take time for yourself, at least 10 minutes a day.  And let go of stress.


Free Guided Meditation Online Course Curriculum:

1. Welcome
Lets attune to each other

2. Start with this meditation
3-Minutes Breathing Meditation

3. Breathing Meditation-long

4. Take some time during the day
Inner Peace – Guided Meditation

5. Inner Peace Meditation – long version

6. Gratitude Meditation
Short, but powerful
Enjoy this meditation

7. Mantra: Thank you, I love you

8. Meditation with Binaural Beats

9. Healing with Drums
A Different Way Of Meditation

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