What Is The Power Of Now?

What Is The Power Of Now?

What Is The Power Of Now?

I’m not talking about the book. What is the power of now? Living without worry and fear is a big part of it. The book will help you with this too. The power of now is living in the moment.

Basically, everything bad that has happened to you, or will happen to you, is not part of the moment. Worry, which creates fear, over come us when we are trapped in our minds, trapped in our past, or worrying about the future.

What Is The Power Of Now

99% of the time, if you focus on and live in the moment there is nothing to worry or fear about. Try it now. Just focus on the moment. You’ll find that the moment is all there is. There is no past or future. There is nothing to worry about in the moment, and nothing to fear.

Blockages are released, when we don’t worry and fear. Suddenly things begin to change for the better.

What Is The Power Of Now: A Simple Tip On How To Tap Into It

Tapping into the power of now doesn’t have to be difficult.

Unfortunately, smart phones hypnotize us. It turns people into phone zombies sometimes. I hate it when I wake up in the morning, and when I get to the living room, everyone in my family is staring at their phones already. No one pays attention to each other anymore. I’m guilty of this too.

The problem with this is that everyone needs their presence recognized every once in a while.  When people are lost in their phones they are not present in the room. They are always somewhere else.

Once my daughter came into the living room, and thought we were mad at here, because we did not recognize her presence. We did not talk to here.

And this made her worry.

My simple tip to tap into the power of now: look up from your phone when other people are around you. Look into their eyes, and simply say hello, or good morning, or how are you… Put the phone aside, and listen to them, enjoy their company.  You’ll be surprised how this helps you to relax and enjoy the moment, and stop worrying of fearing.

What Is The Power Of Now: Here’s A Modern Way To Practise Living In The Moment

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