Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression: Maybe we were plants, animals and people? Maybe we have lived in different territories, and we have already met many people in other incarnations whom we know in today’s life? When you have a problem, and you do not find a cause for that, then it could be possible, that the cause can be found in a past life. A Past Life Regression can help here.

Are we immortal? Are we born again and again?

Non Hypnotic Past Life Regression in Calgary


Themes of your past-life regression could be: physical problems, emotional problems, problems with present day people.

This Past Life Regression is like a guided meditation, but you guide yourself with my help and the help of your Higher Self.

You will travel to a former life in order for you to find the cause for your problem, and to understand it, and to heal it.

And we will visit your Inner Helper and Inner Healer.

What is a non-hypnotic regression?

In this technique we use the clients are co-facilitators. They are fully conscious during the session, and maintain absolute conscious control over everything they choose to remember, and to re-experience. That makes the session safe. The client always has a choice to preview all situations before deciding to experience them. The client will also work together with his or her Higher Self, and spiritual Helpers.

This will be a special experience in your life. You will be in a kind of meditative trance. We will stay connected the whole journey. The journey takes around 1 to 2 hours, sometimes longer.

Before we do a session we should meet and talk about it. Your trust in me is important.


You can lay or sit.
We will go into your inner self, the pictures of your inner world.
We will stay in contact the whole time. You must always talk to me and tell me, what is going on. Perhaps this will irritate you, but I will go on to ask you again and again about what is happening to you in your inner world. This is very important.

We will start with a prayer and some deep breaths.

We will work with switches on your body. These switches are on your feet, knees, hips, hands, elbows, shoulders, forehead, on the top of your head, throat, the end of your spinal column and the neck. You must imagine these switches and then you will need to turn them off with your imagination. I will tell you which ones in the right order.

This is not hypnosis

This is not hypnosis, it is more like being in a trance. You are conscious about what happens here, in the outside world, and in your inner world. We will always be in contact.
The pictures you will see are like memories, or thoughts. Do not expect a color movie. It is more like a knowing, an intuition, often connected with emotion. These emotions are important during this session.

Then you have to imagine a house. This house is the symbol for yourself, your BEING.

You will go into the house. There you will imagine an elevator. You will go in and turn back to look at the door. You will imagine or see buttons for each floor that the elevator will take you to. These floors or levels are symbolic for the levels of your subconsciousness.

We will work with your higher self. Your Higher Self is the highest authority in your subconscious. It will guide us the whole time. You will talk to it and ask questions on a telepathic level. That will be like thoughts.

Your Higher Self Knows Everything

It will tell you, which button you must press that will take you to an experience in the past, which has to do with your theme.
I will guide you too through the whole journey, which now begins.

Hence, you will go through your death, or sometimes through your birth and through all other important situations. if extreme fear overcomes you during your death, and you need a break I can bring you in a more pleasant situation until you are ready to experience the death.

When we have done everything, we will go again to the elevator to visit your Inner Helper. Your inner Helper is a symbol for own subconscious and you will see this inner helper as a form. It can look like a human, or just light, or like an Angel or an animal. Everything is right.

With your Inner Helper we will go through all important situations again. You can ask for example: Why you had this experience, or if this person in the past life is someone now in your present life.
Then we go again into the elevator to visit your Inner Healer. Your Inner Healer is a manifestation of your subconscious and it knows the reason for your problems and knows your condition of your body.
After that we go back to the elevator to come back in the present. We will switch back on all the switches.

Past Life Regression: your investment:

So 180 CAN (cash) for a up to 2 1/2 hour session (including the preparation time and time after. (Normaly that is enough time for a session).
If the sessions takes longer, it will add 20 Dollars each 1/2 hour. (A longer session depends on how cooperative the client is during the session.)

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  • Note: If someone has a lot of problems to do a Past Life Regression, and we don’t get further after one hour, we can stop the session. In this case I will still charge 80 Dollars, because of the time and effort I had to invest. But this happens very rarely.

    Where: In my home, McKennzie Towne

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