Reiki Healing With Crystals And Ghosts: The Secret Spiritual Formula?

Reiki Healing With Crystals And Ghosts: The Secret Spiritual Formula?

I know a secret to Reiki healing crystals and ghosts? I protect myself from ghosts using a circle of salt. Salt is a crystal.  I use salt after a spiritual cleansing of my home.  I can use crystals to better balance peoples chakras during a reiki healing session too.  Reiki healing with crystals is a physical and spiritual process. Some of the most haunted places are also the most geologically rich areas. So water, rivers and lakes, and underground springs attract spiritual energy too. Water is a liquid crystalline structure. And you will see this when it’s frozen like a snowflake.  Everything I just mentioned is related to me secret.

Reiki Healing With Crystals

Reiki Healing With Crystals

Spiritual energy seems to love crystals, or the crystalline structure. Talk to anyone who is serious about ghost hunting, or does reiki healing with crystals for chakra balancing. They would agree. Hence, crystals seems to work like a magnifying glass to focus and enhance spiritual energy. At the same time, once you know my secret, you can also repel the negative spiritual energy you don’t want. First here’s how I would use crystals for Reiki healing, which can be very effective.

  • How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing

    Learn how to create a Sacred Space in your home or workplace


  • Simple 4 Point Procedure For Reiki Healing With Crystals

    Before you begin a reiki healing session:

    Basic info: place a stone of the appropriate colour, on chakra positions, to balance the whole chakra system. The intention is to boost each chakra vibration, which will add to the overall harmony of the individuals chakra system.

    1. First place an anchor stone, like smoky quartz, between the feet to act as a grounding.

    2. Start by placing stones at the lowest chakras, then and move upwards.

    3. Now do a regular Reiki healing session.

    4. When done remove each stone, one at a time, from top to bottom, reverse order.

    Reiki Healing With Crystals

    The Secret Crystal Spiritual Formula

    Hence, if you want to use crystals, slat, water, or stones in your daily spiritual life, either for work, or for personal use, the secret is found in your intention.  I don’t doubt that there is some explanation as to why crystals seem to attract, or repel spirits. It’s impossible for me to say. I’m not a scientist. Yet through my personal experience, I’ve come to realize that the most powerful spiritual conduit in my life, is me, myself. Not that I’m any different than you. We are all spiritual creatures. My secret is that the power of the crystalline spiritual formula is found in the intention I give it. What spiritual purpose should the crystal do for you? Your focus, your intention will make it happen. It can heal, if you want it to, or cleanse your home. The intention itself, acts like a spiritual channel, to make the result more successful.

    Learn how to do a spiritual cleansing now!

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