What Causes Bad Karma 90% Of The Time?

What Causes Bad Karma 90% Of The Time?

You cause your own bad karma 90% of the time, but are you aware of it? I personally never gave my karma a single thought for years. I ignored it when life was good, and thought it was something  I just deserved for once. When life was bad, I wondered why I had such bad luck all the time, and thought to myself: “that’s life, accept it.” Then I read up on Karma, and realized that negativity, not necessarily deeds, causes bad karma 90% of the time. I was creating the bad in my life! But I found a way to change it.

Causes Bad Karma

Negativity Causes Bad Karma

The conventional wisdom says that bad deeds cause bad Karma, good deeds cause good karma. This is true, but deeds stem from the way you think. Constant negative thinking will always lead to bad karma. But, if you’re like me, you may not even be aware of your thought patterns. You need a way to change them fast. When you do this, your negative Karma will change too. The first step is to be made aware of the negative thoughts that are hijacking your good life experiences. The next step is to transform them. I found a way. It’s an online course.

  • Karma Course: How To Create Karma You Love

    Improving Your Karma
    Full Video Course - Learn about Karma, and how to change it! 


  • Bad Thoughts Causes Bad Karma, Good Thoughts Do the opposite

    Benefits of taking this course: 

    1. Very powerful, but simple tool

    2. Learn without a spiritual background, or believing in certain theories

    3. Improvements in every aspect of  your life

    4. Start experiencing good luck, and feeling grateful

    5. Find out some amazing insights about your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence your life

    Take Action To Get Rid Of The Bad Karma!

    Now it’s time to make the change! Take this online Karma Course now: How To Create Karma You Love! Learn to transform your bad karma, so you can start experiencing a good life.

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