The Secret Of Online Reiki Healing And Self Empowerment

The Secret Of Online Reiki Healing And Self Empowerment

I first heard about Reiki through a friend. She learned it a long time ago, but when I asked her about more details, she was reluctant to give them to me. Her Reiki master and teacher didn’t want anyone to know anything about the Reiki symbols and attunements. Not only that, her master was so controlling that he resisted, for a long time, to give my friend her certificate, with the excuse that she was not ready yet. But this is old thinking, and not beneficial to our spiritual development. Things have changed in a big way since then. In those days there was no internet. Today, you can learn online Reiki healing, and you’ll love it!

Online Reiki Healing

Should Online Reiki Healing Be A Secret?

I don’t believe that online Reiki healing should be a secret. Hence, traditions should evolve and change with the times. If I’m looking for information about anything at all, including Reiki, or info on how I can evolve spiritually, I should be able to access it. In todays high-tech world of instant information, the so called secrets of Reiki healing are easily attainable for everyone.

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  • Secrets are for people who need to hide the truth. Yet, the truth will set you free. Reiki is a truth that needs to be known. If it can heal, or ease the pain, should it be a secret? Doctors don’t keep such secrets, so why should Reiki healers?

    Look And You Shall Find, For a Price!

    There should always be an energy exchange to keep a balance. If someone is giving away free Reiki courses, and people are taking, but not giving back, both parties are more likely to become ill through the imbalance. Nothing is truly free. Even the air we breath can only be done through an exchange of calories.

    In conclusion, the new generation of online Reiki teachers and healers want to be informed. Hence, they share Reiki information with others. This makes Reiki accessible to all! Online Reiki healing is now available for everyone, no matter if you live in the middle of the jungle! Take this Certified Reiki Level 1 online video Course with Distance Attunements now!

    Thus, learning Reiki healing will empower you to heal yourself, as this is where true healing begins.
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