Mind Body Spirit Wellness Tip Of The Day

Mind Body Spirit Wellness Tip Of The Day

There a many ways to create mind body spirit wellness. It’s not just about mental exercise, nor physical, or even just meditating all day. True wellness is a combination of them all. I do, however believe there is a root to mind body spirit wellness. And it has a lot to do with karma.

Mind Body Spirit Wellness

I know that to eat a healthy well balanced diet will clear your mind, and make you feel healthier, and help you lose weight.  I know that getting the right amount of sleep, doing yoga and meditation, will get rid of stress. Enjoying nature, spending quality time with the people you love, being grateful, and living with passion will start to bring the balance you need back into your life.
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  • Mind Body Spirit Wellness Karma?

    But none of the above will matter if you are stuck in a karmic trap of negative patterns. Even if you start to exercise, do yoga, eat right, and enjoy nature, chances are you will fall into your old negative, destructive patterns again. The reason for this is your karma is catching up to you. You can change it, however, in real time, but this will take training.

    Once you have mastered the technique you can learn to change your karma, then the mind body spirit wellness exercises will be easier to do, as they can now replace your negative patterns with positive ones. The trick is to be able to recognize and understand the negative thoughts that are creating your bad future karma.

    This won’t always be easy. This is not one of those techniques were you just sit back and imagine your future. You must work at this.  But when you do it, you will be happy in the results! Take this course: How To Create The Karma You Love! This course changed my life, let it change yours too!
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