4 Basic Meditation Techniques And Why?

4 Basic Meditation Techniques And Why?

There are many reasons why you should meditate. Not only can it help with anxiety, high blood pressure and stress relief, it can connect you to your true self on a spiritual level. If you are new to meditation here are some Basic Meditation Techniques.

First Basic Meditation Techniques

Sit down comfortably. Some people lay down, but I don’t. Laying down might lead to sleep, and sleep is not meditation. Meditation is meant for you to be aware of changes which activates healing processes, and enlightenment of the spirit. Sleep is just physical rest. When you wake up often the stressful thoughts you fell asleep with follow you, and now you’ll be right back where you started. Meditation is meant for you to be mindful of the crap in your head that stresses you out. Avoid sleep.

So focus on something like a picture, candle, cup anything. This basic meditation techniques should be done for five or ten minutes, just make sure you do it every day. Regular meditation is the key to success. If your mind begins to wonder use a mantra to intensify to single point concentration. You can repeat anything, but best to keep it positive.

Basic Meditation Techniques

Second Basic Meditation Techniques

Another Basic Meditation Technique is to sit down, and let go of your thoughts. Let everything go. Let your mind wonder anywhere it wants. Pay attention to the thoughts that come up, but don’t hold on to them, just let them go. Don’t control it. This can be very relaxing.

Third Basic Meditation Techniques

You can also focus on your breathing. This is probably the most well known Basic Meditation Technique. Sitting down, just breath in and out, as you close your eyes. Focus on how your breathing effects different parts of your body.

Fourth Basic Meditation Techniques

This is me favourite technique. Do this anytime. Sitting and relaxing is not necessary.

Take a deep breath and try and feel your entire body at once. From their, spread or attention out across your consciousness, which is the experience of everything you are aware of, all at the same time. This includes what feels like is on the inside and outside of you. Notice every sound, smell, touch, and thought. Focus on your breathing to the birds in the sky. Become one with the moment. This can be done anywhere.

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