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Why Is Meditation More Important Than Ever?

I love meditating, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. I would like to dedicate more time to it, but that’s sometimes tough. Ten minutes is still effective. For me, in today’s technology driven world, filled with constant distraction, and stressful deadlines, meditating became my saviour. Meditation is the exact opposite to the reality some technology offers. Smart phones distract me from my inner-self. It transports me to a place that’s without, not within.

The further I get from who I really am, the further I drift from my centre. To be healthy in mind, body, and spirit I want to get back to my centre. I want to stay there as long as I can. Finding my inner peace reduces things like stress, high blood pressure, and creates balance and joy.

I think meditation is more important than ever. My tip: start meditating today!

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

My therapist was learning the Spiritual Energy Healing method of a past life regression. She wanted to try it out on me. I let her. And that was a mistake.  

You might be thinking she screwed up some how with this spiritual energy healing…

Or nothing happened during the experience…

Or maybe I bailed on her, and the session ended abruptly…

Those would have been easy problems to overcome.

The truth is that this situation was even worse.

Past Life Regression

I wish I could have quit.

My therapist felt powerless to help, and so did I.

During this spiritual energy healing experience something horrible happened: I fell into a river, my foot got jammed between a rock, and I drowned to death.

At that moment I felt like I couldn’t breath, or talk.

This was extremely alarming to my therapist as she was doing the past life regression…

Before I tell you about 7 amazing things you can learn for spiritual energy healing, let me explain.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I had no expectations at all, and so I had opened myself to the past life regression completely, and there was no turning back.

So it didn’t take long for me to find my cathartic death. And I didn’t know how to deal with it.

This was years ago, when I had just started out on my spiritual journey, and my therapist was new to this method too.

She was eager to do a past life regression, and she hadn’t even finished learning how to do it properly. I was her first try.

She was brave, I was stupid.

So in my past life, I saw myself as a sailor. Our ship anchored at an island to find fresh water. I was exploring the Island when I fell into the river.

It’s the job of the therapist to guide the client, me, through the cathartic death, in order to experience healing.

In my case, the theme of the PLR was a pain I had in my foot. In my past life death, I couldn’t escape the river, because my foot was jammed between a rock.

This was traumatic, and by experiencing this death I should be able to over come the trauma, and be healed.

The problem was that my therapist had to guide me through this, but I was so shocked and breathless, I couldn’t tell her what was going on.

I just laid there breathing heavily and not talking.

Of course my therapist was worried. She wasn’t sure what was happening to me.

It took a long time to answer her, as she tried everything to communicate with me.

I could hear her every word, but at the same time, I felt trapped and terrified.

Finally I focused on her voice, just her voice, nothing else…

Slowly, I began to tell her about my perilous situation.

She quickly guided me through the PLR steps, and in the end, to our great relief, it worked!

The pain in my foot vanished, never to return!

From that day on I knew that spiritual energy healing was real, and effective in my life for dealing with pain.

But there is more than just past life regression if you want to learn about energy healing. You can use these methods to heal yourself and others:
Spiritual Energy Healing

Here are 7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

7 online courses for SPIRITUAL FINDERS And SEEKERS who want to be an Energy Healer, a Reiki Practitioner or a Reiki Master, a Shaman, a Psychic, or just find balance in life.

1. Energy Balancing For Body, Mind & Spirit

A Technique that is based on a method from the Tibetan Medicine – Certified online course. If you are looking for a new tool that you can use for your healing sessions, this is great to use. If you want to help people to balance mind, body, and spirit, then the unique technique you will learn here in this course is something for you!

2.  Reiki Level 1

The Reiki healing method is a way of channeling the universal life energy.

Reiki works at a physical level, and is relaxing and pleasant. On the emotional level it creates confidence in oneself, and in others. It helps to strengthen the zest for life, and to feel more balanced. Reiki works on the mental level too, helping you to cope with everyday stress better. On the spiritual level Reiki helps and guides you to develop your spiritual growth.

3. How To Do A Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey is a spiritual practice, and it is a way of exploring the spiritual realms, and making contact with spirits, spirit animals, power animals, lost souls, angels, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans.

4.  Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval has been practiced for thousands of years from Shamans around the world. This is advanced Shamanic Journeying – The next step in Shamanic Journeying for your friends and clients – Certified online course

5.  Trance Healing

Work with your Spirit Guides, to heal yourself, and others, on a spiritual level. – Certified online course

6.  How To Do A Spiritual House Cleansing

Learn how to create a Sacred Place in your home or workplace. Certified online course

7.  Shamanic Dancing

Shamanic Dancing is simply another way of Shamanic Journeying by using breathing and dancing to reach a light or deep state of Trance that you need for Shamanic Journeying.

Spiritual Energy Healing comes in many forms and systems you can learn right now. So get started!

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

  • FREE Shamanic Journey Mini Course

    How To Do A Shamanic Journey Preview Mini Course
    Shamanic Journey - Preview Mini Course - Find out, if Shamanic Journeying is what you would love to learn 🙂


  • How To Reiki healing: Do a Reiki Treatment To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

    How To Reiki healing: Do a Reiki Treatment To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

    How To Reiki healing: Do a Reiki Treatment To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

    How to reiki:… Let’s give Reiki to our 7 main charkas. This reiki treatment will energize the 7 chakras. It’s a self reiki treatment that you can do right now. We start at the top of the head, then third eye, throat, heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

    This method is perfect after your Reiki level 1 attunements, and at any time you want to relax. Practice these 21 minutes for 21 day to have the best results. Lina will show you how. Let’s begin. I hope this how to reiki healing, to do a reiki treatment to energize the 7 chakras for yourself helps you to heal, so please do it regularly:…

    Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

    Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

    Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

  We Help Spiritual Seekers to learn and grow with our ONLINE Classes, for Spiritual Development.
    Take one of the best courses available on the planet 🙂 Learn to do spiritual healing and so much more!
    Learning in a group can be great, but… – what if you don’t have the possibility to get to the class? – what if you don’t have time, because of your job, or family?
    We know, your time is valuable! Online Learning Benefits Well Structured. Easy to Learn. Learn at your own pace. Bite sized lessons. Courses are optimized to play back on any device. Engage with the instructors. Ask anything. Get support. Are you in? Start your Spiritual development with our online classes:
    A Guided Meditation: How To Meditate For Beginners

    A Guided Meditation: How To Meditate For Beginners

    A Guided Meditation: How To Meditate For Beginners

    Click here to learn more: How to meditate for beginners: There are different ways of meditating.

    I will guide you now through a very short mediation, that you can do on a daily basis.

    How To Meditate For Beginners gives you s simple formula: When it’s time to meditate make sure, you’re in a quiet place.

    You can sit on a comfortable chair, with your arms resting comfortably. Your feet should be side by side, connected to the floor.

    Then you close your eyes. In some meditations it is fine to lie down. If you do this, have your legs side by side, and feel the mattress under your body.

    How to meditate for beginners means you should try to sit or lie still during the meditation.

    If your nose is itchy, or you need to scratch yourself on the head, this is often a sign that you are going into a deep relaxation, but your Ego is afraid to lose control. After the meditation take your time to come back. So, let’s begin and start how to meditate for beginners! Click here to learn more:

    How to Find Inner Peace Through A Guided Meditation

    How to Find Inner Peace Through A Guided Meditation

    How to Find Inner Peace Through A Guided Meditation

    How to find inner peace through a guided meditation: ​ This is a short but powerful meditation to let go of stress! Stress sucks.

    It’s good to know meditation exercises to let go of stress, as meditation is one of the best stress relievers, but there is a problem… Stress is the leading cause, or is related to, the enactment of many illnesses like: Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated aging, premature death.

    Finding inner peace through a guided meditation is a good idea to help you will illness. Stress blinds us to reality too.

    It exists purely in our minds as we worry about the future through our bad experiences of the past. What we are blinded to, in this case, is the moment.

    In the moment the past and future do not exist. Finding inner peace through a guided meditation can put you in the moment.

    The problem is that it’s hard to meditate properly sometimes. People have difficulty doing it. The masters have trained their entire lives, starting as small children until they are grown, and into their old age, consistently perfecting their powers of meditation. Meditation is a powerful technique to improve your health as it helps reduce stress.

    Few of us, however, will ever go through this kind of intense training in order to find our inner peace. Inner peace is hard to maintain.

    It can really help to reach inner peace through a guided meditation.​ Meditations can be to long and boring.

    I personally love short meditations, not longer than 40 minutes, otherwise I often fall asleep. Falling asleep during meditation kind of defeats the purpose of meditating. Do you have this problem too? That is why I created this short meditation, actually I created it for myself, but I would love to share it with you. There are other meditations as well for free I offer, just click on the link: How to Find Inner Peace Through A Guided Meditation:  🙂