Change Bad Karma: How And Why?

Change Bad Karma: How And Why?

Does bad karma really exist? Everyone wants to change bad karma, but what does science say about it? Looking at karma through the lens of Biocentrism, which is a real scientific–not New Age philosophy–theory of everything, Karma is simply a potential information field. Of course, Biocentrism is not based on New Age Philosophy. It’s science. This is my interpretation. I’ll show you 5 subtle reasons to change bad karma, which you might not have considered. But first lets look into Biocentrism.

Change Bad Karma

To Change Bad Karma, Change The Information

Biocentrism says that consciousness creates the physical world, not the other way around. Robert Lanza, whom the New York Times called the third most important scientist in the world, developed this theory through carful observation of the biological world. He came to the conclusion that there is no physical reality if consciousness is not there to witness it.

All that is left is a potential information field, where physical objects and situation can arise, through the passive will of the observer. In my eyes, that same information field holds the template for your future karma. It can be changed, because Biocentrism also states that a mere thought can create or influence reality. The good news is Daniela has developed an e-mail course that will teach you how to do this. If it can help me, it’ll help you too!

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    Improving Your Karma
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  • 5 Subtle Reasons To Change Bad Karma

    Have you thought of these:

    1. Plant new seeds for a happier life

    2. Learn more about yourself

    3. Understand how other people influence you

    4. Change your information field

    5. Learn a discipline for success

    Change Bad Karma


    Anyone can change bad karma.  It starts by discovering the pitfalls in the way you think. You’re creating karma all the time. You have to learn how to create the right kind of karma now, and start changing the bad into good. The lessons you’ll learn in Daniela’s karma e-mail course is delivered in bite sized lessons right to your inbox. It sure helped me. It’ll help you too. It’ll teach you to never stop growing spiritually!

    So take Action now! This is the easy part! Get this course from Daniela Hills: How To Create Karma You Love! Don’t wait to change the bad into good. Do it now! Take responsibility, and control over your Karma! What are you waiting for, fill in the form above!

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