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Karma A Pattern, A Trap?

Karma is a bitch, and it’s beautiful. Both are true. It’s a teacher too. It teaches us how to live. Sadly, so few of us are listening. People just resign to what they think is a fact: it’s just bad luck, I’m trapped! On a karmic level, bad luck is the agent of karma playing-out in repetitive patterns in one’s life.

The trick is to create it on the fly, to give negative patterns new positive intent, creating a better outcome. This leads to so called bad luck, turning into good luck. In my opinion bad luck is just good luck in disguise, because it just wants to prove a point: time to change!

Perhaps it’s time to listen. Perhaps it’s time to change the way you think and act. Both are tied together. Change one the other will follow in order. If I can change, so can you.

Free Preview Tarot Course

Free Preview Tarot Course

Is There Really An Easy Way To Learn Tarot Card Readings?

Learning to read Tarot Cards can be pretty challenging, because there are 78 Cards! That’s a lot to memorize.

We’ve come up with a different, easier way on how to remember the vast amount of all the Tarot cards, and how to do simple, but effective Tarot Readings.
After some practise, the meaning of the cards will come to you almost instantly.

When you learn tarot, it’s like learning a new language. It takes time. It’s like training a muscle. You have to practise and exercise it a lot. And if someone says you can learn tarot in one day, then just think about it, there are 78 cards!

But through our way of teaching you can learn the cards much quicker, and do real tarot readings much sooner. This will depend on what you know already, and how often you practice.

With our method you can be doing card readings in weeks, instead of months, but you really need to practice 🙂

Many of our students, who had struggled to memorize all 78 cards, were able to understand them way better after taking our course.

Allen, one of our students, does Tarot readings for his personal life, to get guidance for each path he wants to take toward success. This course helped him to get guidance to reach his goals.

Tarot is never set in stone.

It just shows where you are on your path right now.  If you need to change the outcome of your future, then you need to take a different path, by changing your thoughts and actions.

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How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma

How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma

How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma


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First let’s look at a past life regression. Have you ever had a pain somewhere in your body that wouldn’t go away? Have you ever wondered why, that no matter what you do, you never seem to get ahead in life? I did. Past life Karma can be the cause of both.
Clearing Past Life Karma With A Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression:

A past life regression is a technique that uses a trance like state to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. The idea is that the client is taken back to a traumatic death that is a memory, through which the pain or suffering was created in the past, and is connected to future lives, through emotions. Reliving the trauma is a way to recognize the reason for the pain or suffering, and thus releasing it.

My experience, of a past life regression:

My experience was intense. During my past life regression I saw myself as a sailor, who, discovering a tropical island, ventured out, and stumbled into a river. There, my foot got caught between the rocks, and I struggled to release it, but then I drowned. The pain in my foot was excruciating, and I had difficulty breathing during the session. At one point, I felt paralyzed both physically and emotionally.

Going through the death was scary. I was guided through it several times, until the emotion connected to the pain was released.
After going through this traumatic death, later the pain slowly went away from my foot. It really worked.

Clearing Past Life Karma Through Journaling

A past life regression is great for dealing with any suffering, but to change your life, and keep your karma clean or positive, using a karma journal is the way to go.
It teaches you how to be in control of the one thing that is responsible for your future karma: your thoughts.
It’s harder than you might think. The idea is to use a powerful journaling technique to realize your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence our life.

A thought comes first before a deed. Both are important for creating positive karma.

When starting journaling I saw the biggest changes in every area of my life, because I realized my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, and I learned more about myself. And that helped me to understand how important it is to transform my thoughts.

A Quick 3 Point How To Guide:

1. From today on, write down all of your negative thoughts, and the negative thoughts that you hear from other people too. Transform these negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a very important process, and it’ll change your life for the better, including your future karma!

We need to learn to acknowledge our negative thoughts, and to be aware of them.
We need to be aware of what other people say, or what they think, so that we can transform them as well!
Spoken: We need to learn to catch our thoughts, and the words of others the moment they happen, so that we can transform them as soon as possible.

So Grab your empty journaling book and a pen, and let’s start
-Write the date and prepare 4 columns in your journal.
-in the first column right: everything that appears to be negative as a title.
Underneath Write down every situation of the day that made you feel bad. This can include negative thoughts you had, negative words and actions of others. Even the bad stuff on TV or the internet.

All of this information gets imprinted on your emotional and mental body. And will have an effect on your life.

2. In the second column write: The transformation into positive as a title.
In this column you have to find reasons why the negative can be the positive. Bridge this by saying: how good is it that: and find a reason. Write about forgiveness letting go and so on. (Example:) If you experience lots of negativity at work, an argument with your boss, you could say: How good is it that: I can go to work each day, earn money, and support the people I love.
This is a great place to start, and just by doing this you will see positive changes in your life, but there is much more, so:

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Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

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How To Create Karma You Love

How To Create Karma You Love

How To Create Karma You Love

Many people misunderstand the concept of Karma. They think it has only to do with guilt and fault, and Karma is catching up to them in a negative way.

They don’t know that Karma can also be positive and effect their future happiness as well. Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. Simply speaking, good thoughts and good deeds create good karma and future happiness, while bad thoughts and bad deeds create bad karma and future suffering. Karma means that we always have a choice to use our thoughts and actions to create happiness or suffering. We can be victims and devote ourselves to our karma, or we can wake up and transform our karma and plant new seeds for a happier life.

Positive Thinking Tip: Are You Always busy? Do You Often think: I Have So Much To Do!

Positive Thinking Tip: Are You Always busy? Do You Often think: I Have So Much To Do!

If you think you’re always busy, you need to transform these thoughts, otherwise you will not get out of this negative loop. Do you need a positive thinking tip?

I’m writing about this, because I was plagued with thoughts like this:

“Oh yeah, I have so much to do! I wish I could be in many places at once to clean, cook, wash cloths, look after my grandchild; and then there’s the marketing to do, create videos for my courses, create music, not to mention being a mother and wife. Where does it all end? I have so much to do!

These thoughts bring me way out of my balance. The fact is, I have a lot on my plate, but thoughts like this will not help me to be focused and get things done.

At the same time, I might feel tired, and nervous, because my energy wants to be in too many places at once, as if many Danielas need to be everywhere all at the same time.

Do You Experience This Sometimes As Well?

Now, I want to tell you how I deal with this situation with a positive thinking tip.

At first, I sit down for a moment, take a deep breath, in and out.

Then I become aware of my scattered thoughts of being everywhere at once: like in the kitchen, in the office, at the store, and so on. I basically see myself in all of these places, like lots of Danielas everywhere being busy. Then I imagine bringing all these imaginary Danielas back to myself, basically centring my energy.

This little technique helps so much to be focused and centred.

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  • Then I make a list of all my daily tasks. A list with tasks helps me a lot to be motivated, and to stay focused on one thing at a time.

    If you have had these thoughts today, I suggest to transform them with the help of your Karma Journal (if you didn’t enroll in my free course “How To Create Karma You Love”, then go ahead and do it now)

    When your energy is everywhere, you can not be focused, and you will not be in balance with yourself, and your surroundings. You might even do something, which you didn’t intend to do, or something negative will happen, because you were distracted. And since you know that we are all connected, you will influence your family, friends or colleagues as well.

    So stay in balance by observing your thoughts, and bringing them back into the moment.

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