How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

Looking at luck from a spiritual point of view, good luck is the absence of bad Karma. If you want to know how to get good luck, you have to know how Karma works. The concept of Karma can get complicated, depending on which school of thought we delve into. Lets make this simple.

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How To Get Good Luck: The Karma Connection

On the surface, Karma is cause and effect. Your thoughts and deeds lead to a karmic result, which resonates into the future.

Looking deeper down the spiritual rabbit hole, however, it becomes obvious that Karma is neither good or bad. It’s simply a Quantum field of information, which establishes a template for your life, or future lives.

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  • Karma is a teacher. Bad karma has an important lesson you need to pay attention to right now!

    The good news is that your karmic template is not set in stone. You can change it. If you want to know how to get good luck, you have to begin by thinking the right thoughts.

    How To Get Good Luck Through Journaling

    Changing the way you think is the key to getting good luck.  Everything begins within your mind and consciousness. Biocentrism says that consciousness creates the world, and it happens through mere thought.

    Taking this theory of everything, and applying it to Karma, it makes perfect sense that everything begins with a thought. Simply said: bad thoughts create bad karma, and good thoughts create good karma.

    Of course it’s a bit more complicated than this.  You need to work on it . You need to write down, every day,  your bad thoughts, and transform them into positive ones.

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