Does Shamanic Healing Work?

Does Shamanic Healing Work?

Taking a shamanic journey into the spirit world is exhilarating, and a bit scary at first. If you are asking the question: does shamanic healing work? from my experience I can safely say it does with certainty. Why exactly the healing works, I’m not sure. And it depends on what healing your are looking for…

Does Shamanic Healing Work

If you have an acute condition you need to see a doctor.

Shamanic healing is a holistic healing. It is a preventative healing. And it can be part physical healing too. The Shaman symbolically extracts objects from the client, containing the evil. When the client is presented with the token, they believe the evil spirit, causing illness, is gone. This is similar to the modern sugar pill effect, which doctors give their patients.

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  • Does Shamanic Healing Work? Does A Sugar Pill?

    If the patient thinks that the sugar pill will heal them, often it does. Thus, wrong thinking causes illness.

    For me, it was about stress.

    Stress is another symptom of wrong thought patterns.

    Stress does not exist in the world out side of us, but in our minds. I had difficulty sleeping. After taking a shamanic journey, and bringing back my power animal into my life, I am much better suited for dealing with stress these days. The power animal gave me more energy and inner-peace.

    I also think the drums played a big part in relieving stress. Drum frequencies are known to be great stress relievers, among other positive effects, as the beats help to balance both hemispheres of the brain. It put me into a trance like mediation, and I felt very relaxed throughout the journey. I highly recommend doing a shamanic journey. Today I sleep very well indeed.

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