Easy Ways To Meditate in Strange Places?

Easy Ways To Meditate in Strange Places?

It’s becoming more obvious to the status-quo that meditation is healthy. There are easy ways to meditate, and thats good for when you need a manicure? In New York there’s a vegan nail salon that offers a two in one meditation manicure. The client listens to a short guided meditation, and relaxes, and when they open their eyes, they see perfect dazzling fingernails.

Easy Ways To Meditate

Easy Ways To Meditate by Strange Organizations

Even businesses are finding that meditation in the work place can lead to higher productivity and success. Did you know that the U.S. Marines have a mindfulness-based meditation program? So does Google, Intel, General Mills, and the Seattle Seahawks.

Connecting to the moment through meditation puts the employee in the awareness of the present moment. So this reduces stress, because stress comes from the burden of the past, projected into worries of the future. Living in the moment allows far greater creativity.  The employee focused and relaxed through intuition.

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  • This Reduces Workplace Stress, Related To Job Dissatisfaction

    When the employee is not burnout, there is less absenteeism, and a decreased risk of illness and heart disease. Often an on-the-spot meditation program is used. This means that an eight to 15 minute guided mindfulness meditation is used. When a specific job function and situation arises that requires people to feel and perform better the on-the-spot works well.

    For employers, this kind of short meditation works because it’s more efficient and costs less money and time, than taking an hour out of a work day to meditate.

    Guided Meditations Are Fast And Easy

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for easy ways to meditate, try a FREE guided mindfulness meditation course: How To Find Inner Peace Through Guided Meditations

    Daniela will guide you through several meditations, to help you to let go of stress, by taking time for yourself, just 10 minutes a day.
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