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Online Learning: The Future Is Now

Taking a spiritual course online is just as valid and effective as any other kind of online learning. I have taken a few courses online, like spiritual cleansing, and it works! It works because it’s simple. Complicated topics are broken down to the essence of what I need to know. The videos are detailed and well made. It works because you get a life-time access to the material. You can review it anytime you want. The material is also updated, not like school books that are already out of date by the time you they are printed.

Online Learning Is The Future, And The Future Is Now!

What I learn online in Daniela’s courses is what I would learn in a person to person class. The information is the same, yet the comfort and ease, and the time I save is excellent. I can learn when and where I want!

Join Boost Your Intuition Now! It’s FREE!

Join Boost Your Intuition Now! It’s FREE!

Are you a Psychic, a Medium, or an Intuitive?

Boost Your Intuition

I know how it feels when it comes to trusting your Intuition, trusting your Psychic abilities, or your Mediumship skills.

Right now, you probably feel like you are not good enough, and you ask yourself, “am I really an Intuitive, a Psychic, or a Medium?” Because sometimes you feel like you are not really on point with your readings.

And you are thinking, “I wish I was one of those lucky people who are experts at Psychic readings, or who are better as a Medium, or an Intuitive Healer.”

But I know something about you, something that you perhaps don’t know about yourself. Did you know that you too can do truly extraordinary readings?
I know this is true. I know you can do it!

And this is why you are here now

Somehow you were lead to this site. Maybe it was a link that caught your eye, or a friend’s mention, or just a feeling you had to do a search; but here you are, and this is no coincidence. Your intuition has opened up a door, and brought you to me.

boost your intuition

Do you want to be a Beta Tester?
I am planing to create an Intuition Development Circle

Developing your Intuition simply means “practice, practice, practice”.
This is not easily done just by yourself.
It would be easier with other likeminded people, wouldn’t it?
I would love to create an Intuition Development Circle, where we can practice together using different ways and tools.

And this development circle will be accompanied by an online course, which I already started.


for this I need your help. Do you want to be a Beta Tester?

For now it’s FREE in exchange for your feedback.
Based on your needs, I will continue to create content, step by step, so that you can learn and practice.
I would love to know what challenges you have when you are doing intuitive, psychic, or mediumship readings, and where you need more help, and so on.

This is why you can join my course as a Beta Tester.
Your feedback would help to create a course, and an Intuition Development Circle that is tailor made just for you. In fact already we have a lot of great course material you can dive into right now to boost your intuition! 

Important NOTE: I’m excited and thrilled to work with you, however, I’m only allowing a maximum of 100 people, into this exclusive beta test intuition circle.

If you join and feel that this course is not for you, or you loose interest and don’t want to participate, please let me know that you would like to be un-enrolled, so others may join.

If you like to be a Beta Tester for the Course “Boost your Intuition” then please sign up.

Psychic Intuition: What do you perceive?

Psychic Intuition: a Psychic is a person who is sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. This means that psychic abilities go beyond intuition.
However, Psychics also need to use their intuition, and they often use tools, like tarot cards, coffee grounds, pendulums and so on to connect to this insight.

A Psychic reading focuses mostly on your life in the past, present and future. A Psychic can receive and give information about money, relationships, health, and so on.

Psychic ability is a unique gift of perception we all have! We are all psychic, though it may appear in many forms, and can vary greatly from each person. Intuition is the voice of a psychic.

Intuition, or your intuitions as a psychic are unexplained feelings you have that something is true even when you have no evidence or proof of it.

These feelings are like a quiet voice within, that tells you a secret

Those who learn to commune with the voice within, so to speak, become better Psychics.

You can call it the sixth sense. Being Psychic is a skill, and trusting your intuition is a skill too. You do not need to be a Psychic to use your intuition. Anyone can learn to use their intuition. You could be a business leader, a plumber, or a reporter, or anyone.

To be honest Psychic intuition is similar to everyone’s intuition. Because we all have this ability.

The difference is in the tools a Psychic uses to tap into their Intuition

There are different ways to do this like through meditation, or being centred, or using tools like Tarot cards.

Intuition helps anyone who knows how to use it, to make instant, correct decisions.

The most important thing is to practice and learn to trust the information you receive.

But how can we begin to find and trust that little voice within? Here is the one biggest tip to begin developing your gifts of Psychic intuition:

1. Trust

If you don’t trust the first feeling that tells you everything you need to know, you will always be trapped in your analytical mind.

Until you can trust yourself, you will not even hear the inner voice.

Know that the Ego is loud. It will be demanding and domineering. It will fill your head of logic, that will make you fear, and block the quiet intuitive voice of knowledge. If you fear it’s probably not intuition talking to you.

The good news is that voice always wants to talk to you. So listen to it. But that voice is calm and quiet, so you’ll have to learn to focus and listen to it.

It is the sense of direction that fills you with peace and certainty. It is a feeling

To start out trusting your intuition, realize the cause and effect of intuition.

What do I mean?

If you trust that spontaneous feeling to take an illogical decision, after taking this step, look at the outcome.

For example: what happens if that quiet voice inside tells you to take a left instead of a right on your way home. The result of this may not be perceptible right away. But the next day perhaps the right you would have taken, ended up in a three-hour traffic jam, which you hear about on your twitter feed.

Or what if you call up a friend when they pop into your mind. You make a date, which leads to a new opportunity, like a new job?

If you pay attention to the cause and effect of intuition, you will learn to foster this place of trust.

Be dedicated to this trusting relationship.

Like any relationship you need to work on it. The more you follow that feeling, that voice, and the results prove positive in your life, the more you will let your intuition guide you.

Psychics know this, and Psychic intuition is one of being in a trusting relationship.

2. Find a teacher

If you are looking to train your Psychic Intuition, you have come to the right place. Let Daniela teach you. She has the expertise and patience to help you bolster your confidence to trust your inner voice. Daniela has worked with many Psychics, and she has the know-how to navigate you through the blockages you may be encountering.

3. Be grateful

No one knows what Intuition is exactly, or where it comes from. It is probably the knowledge kept for us, to tap into the universal mind. It is a bit magical, and we should be humbled, and grateful for it.
Gratitude is so important.

Through clearing ourselves, and finding our inner peace, we begin to let go of our desires. Then we begin to love ourself and others. When our minds are empty of ego, suddenly the quiet voice of intuition breaks through, and now we trust it. We thus become more psychic and connected to the universal mind. Learn to boost your Psychic intuition now!

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

My therapist was learning the Spiritual Energy Healing method of a past life regression. She wanted to try it out on me. I let her. And that was a mistake.  

You might be thinking she screwed up some how with this spiritual energy healing…

Or nothing happened during the experience…

Or maybe I bailed on her, and the session ended abruptly…

Those would have been easy problems to overcome.

The truth is that this situation was even worse.

Past Life Regression

I wish I could have quit.

My therapist felt powerless to help, and so did I.

During this spiritual energy healing experience something horrible happened: I fell into a river, my foot got jammed between a rock, and I drowned to death.

At that moment I felt like I couldn’t breath, or talk.

This was extremely alarming to my therapist as she was doing the past life regression…

Before I tell you about 7 amazing things you can learn for spiritual energy healing, let me explain.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I had no expectations at all, and so I had opened myself to the past life regression completely, and there was no turning back.

So it didn’t take long for me to find my cathartic death. And I didn’t know how to deal with it.

This was years ago, when I had just started out on my spiritual journey, and my therapist was new to this method too.

She was eager to do a past life regression, and she hadn’t even finished learning how to do it properly. I was her first try.

She was brave, I was stupid.

So in my past life, I saw myself as a sailor. Our ship anchored at an island to find fresh water. I was exploring the Island when I fell into the river.

It’s the job of the therapist to guide the client, me, through the cathartic death, in order to experience healing.

In my case, the theme of the PLR was a pain I had in my foot. In my past life death, I couldn’t escape the river, because my foot was jammed between a rock.

This was traumatic, and by experiencing this death I should be able to over come the trauma, and be healed.

The problem was that my therapist had to guide me through this, but I was so shocked and breathless, I couldn’t tell her what was going on.

I just laid there breathing heavily and not talking.

Of course my therapist was worried. She wasn’t sure what was happening to me.

It took a long time to answer her, as she tried everything to communicate with me.

I could hear her every word, but at the same time, I felt trapped and terrified.

Finally I focused on her voice, just her voice, nothing else…

Slowly, I began to tell her about my perilous situation.

She quickly guided me through the PLR steps, and in the end, to our great relief, it worked!

The pain in my foot vanished, never to return!

From that day on I knew that spiritual energy healing was real, and effective in my life for dealing with pain.

But there is more than just past life regression if you want to learn about energy healing. You can use these methods to heal yourself and others:
Spiritual Energy Healing

Here are 7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

7 online courses for SPIRITUAL FINDERS And SEEKERS who want to be an Energy Healer, a Reiki Practitioner or a Reiki Master, a Shaman, a Psychic, or just find balance in life.

1. Energy Balancing For Body, Mind & Spirit

A Technique that is based on a method from the Tibetan Medicine – Certified online course. If you are looking for a new tool that you can use for your healing sessions, this is great to use. If you want to help people to balance mind, body, and spirit, then the unique technique you will learn here in this course is something for you!

2.  Reiki Level 1

The Reiki healing method is a way of channeling the universal life energy.

Reiki works at a physical level, and is relaxing and pleasant. On the emotional level it creates confidence in oneself, and in others. It helps to strengthen the zest for life, and to feel more balanced. Reiki works on the mental level too, helping you to cope with everyday stress better. On the spiritual level Reiki helps and guides you to develop your spiritual growth.

3. How To Do A Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey is a spiritual practice, and it is a way of exploring the spiritual realms, and making contact with spirits, spirit animals, power animals, lost souls, angels, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans.

4.  Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval has been practiced for thousands of years from Shamans around the world. This is advanced Shamanic Journeying – The next step in Shamanic Journeying for your friends and clients – Certified online course

5.  Trance Healing

Work with your Spirit Guides, to heal yourself, and others, on a spiritual level. – Certified online course

6.  How To Do A Spiritual House Cleansing

Learn how to create a Sacred Place in your home or workplace. Certified online course

7.  Shamanic Dancing

Shamanic Dancing is simply another way of Shamanic Journeying by using breathing and dancing to reach a light or deep state of Trance that you need for Shamanic Journeying.

Spiritual Energy Healing comes in many forms and systems you can learn right now. So get started!

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn For Spiritual Energy Healing

  • FREE Shamanic Journey Mini Course

    How To Do A Shamanic Journey Preview Mini Course
    Shamanic Journey - Preview Mini Course - Find out, if Shamanic Journeying is what you would love to learn 🙂


  • Free Tarot Course, Get An Amazing Taste Of How Easy It Can Be

    Free Tarot Course, Get An Amazing Taste Of How Easy It Can Be

    A few years ago I did my own Tarot reading to see if I would get laid off. It told me I would soon see new opportunity. It was a bit vague and scary.

    For me this was a bad Tarot result.

    The future was still unclear.

    So laid off? Yes? No?

    The suspense and worry only grew.

    The reading was bad.

    A new opportunity could mean anything. A layoff could be a new opportunity, but a frightening one.

    What if a new job paid poorly?

    Or would I keep my old job, but be asked to do more work to cover the people they laid off?

    Both seemed negative to me.

    I didn’t really know exactly how to do a proper reading. I should’ve left it for the experts like Daniela.

    Everything turned out okay in the end.

    I kept my job, and ended up getting more money.

    I wish I had had the opportunity to take Daniela’s easy Tarot course back then.

    Is There Really An Easy Way To Learn Tarot Card Readings?

    78 Cards means learning to read Tarot Cards can be challenging! That’s a lot to memorize.

    Daniela and Lina came up with a different, easier way to remember the vast amount of Tarot cards, and how to do simple, but effective Tarot Readings.
    After some practise, the meaning of the cards will come to you almost instantly.

    Free Tarot

    When you learn tarot, it’s like learning a new language. It takes time. And it’s like training a muscle. You have to practise and exercise it a lot. And if someone says you can learn tarot in one day, then just think about it, there are 78 cards!

    But through their way of teaching you can learn the cards much quicker, and do real tarot readings much sooner. This will depend on what you know already, and how often you practice.

    With their method you can be doing card readings in weeks, instead of months, but you really need to practice 🙂


    Many of their students, who had struggled to memorize all 78 cards, were able to understand them way better after taking the course.

    Allen, one of their students, does Tarot readings for his personal life, to get guidance for each path he wants to take toward success. And this course helped him to get guidance to reach his goals.

    Tarot is not set in stone.

    So it just shows you where you are on your path right now.  And if you need to change the outcome of your future, then you need to take a different path, by changing your thoughts and actions.

    certified tarot course

    Join now!
    Enrol, and jump right into the first lesson!

    So they’re going to teach you how to find out what your Personality, and Soul Card is, and how to find out what your personal card Of The Year is…

    Enrol now to start! Look for this course under your “My Courses” tab!


    How Usui Reiki Symbols are Used In Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

    How Usui Reiki Symbols are Used In Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

    How Usui Reiki Symbols are Used In Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

    How to Reiki: Click:… How Usui Reiki Symbols are Used In Level 2 Ch Ku Rei And More

    About the Symbols and their Mantras

    The Reiki Symbols are not secret anymore, but they are sacred. So we should use them with respect.

    Back in the days Reiki practitioners will generally not show the level II symbols to anyone who is not attuned into that level. Now it is different and the decision to show them or not, is an individual decision.

    Symbols are the carrier of a specific information and a specific intention. They help us to focus on this information and intention.
    Mantras are words or sounds which help our mind to find peace. The Mantra for each Reiki symbol brings a special higher frequency to the symbol and increases the power of the symbol.

    A Reiki symbol and its mantra are like a unity. Drawing the symbol once and saying the Mantra three times activates the symbol, and magnifies your intention.

    Every Reiki symbol has a specific focus, and in combination with the Mantra you create the right frequency.

    The First Symbol is the “Power” Symbol “Cho Ku Rei”

    The first symbol is called the Power Symbol and its Mantra is‚ “Cho Ku Rei”‚ (CR). Pronounced “Sho Koo Ray”.
    The Power Symbol is like a ‚light switch, because it connects you to the energy, like a light switch being turned on. This symbol is used to increase the power of Reiki or to focus Reiki on a specific location. If at any time you want to increase the strength of the Reiki you are giving, activate the symbol. This symbol also says: place the power here.

    The Power Symbol can be used as an all-around tool. You can use it alone or together with other symbols to reinforce them. This symbol is especially effective if activated at the beginning of a Reiki session to increase the power, and at the end of a session to seal in the
    healing energy of Reiki. This Symbol is helpful in times where you need energetic protection.

    It can be used to clear a room of negative energy, and you can integrate it in meditations, or to charge your food and water.
    Working with this symbol means to be creative and intuitive! “Cho Ku Rei” has as many uses as you can think up!

    The Second Symbol is the “Mental/Emotional” Symbol “Sei He Ki”

    The second symbol is called the Mental/Emotional Symbol and its Mantra is‚ “Sei He Ki”‚ (SHK). Pronounced Say Hay Key.
    This symbol is used in emotional, mental and addictive healing. It balances you by removing and clearing any mental, emotional and addictive blockages. You can use it to break unwanted habits.

    It can help to release stress, nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness and even the emotions attached to the negative memory.
    It is also used to bring up and heal the emotional issues underneath physical problems.
    It helps to reinforce and support positive behaviour changes.

    This Symbol can also be used to bring harmony in situations, or for healing.
    When you draw the Mental/Emotional Symbol‚ “Sei He Ki”‚ over the head you can use it in conjunction with a positive affirmation that you intend is going to be accepted by your client subconscious.

    Common affirmations might be ‚ you are calm, content and serene‚ or‚ you are loved and secure, ‘you feel safe’, or ‘ you feel loved and loveable’.
    You may have a better idea of what affirmations would be suitable for the person you are working on.
    This symbol is also helpful in meditations.

    The Third Symbol is the “Long Distance” Symbol “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”

    The third symbol is called the Long Distance Symbol and its Mantra is ‚ “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”‚ (HS or HSZSN).
    The symbols meaning could be: there is no past, no present, no future, there is only the now.
    With this symbol you can heal your past or send Reiki to the present or future.

    You can send Reiki across the room or any location in the country or the world. Distance, time and space are not a barrier when you use this symbol.

    You can use the Distance Symbol to send Reiki

    back to a special situation in the past that was very hurtful or even dramatic. It does not mean this experience has never happened, but the emotions, connected to it, can be released, and you can start to heal.

    You can also send Reiki to upcoming situations in the future, for example an exam. This symbol is for sending Reiki anywhere for any reason to a person, place or circumstance in the present, past and future! Click to learn more:…

    How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma

    How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma

    How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression, And Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma


    Click: course:… to get FREE karma

    First let’s look at a past life regression. Have you ever had a pain somewhere in your body that wouldn’t go away? Have you ever wondered why, that no matter what you do, you never seem to get ahead in life? I did. Past life Karma can be the cause of both.
    Clearing Past Life Karma With A Past Life Regression

    What is a past life regression:

    A past life regression is a technique that uses a trance like state to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. The idea is that the client is taken back to a traumatic death that is a memory, through which the pain or suffering was created in the past, and is connected to future lives, through emotions. Reliving the trauma is a way to recognize the reason for the pain or suffering, and thus releasing it.

    My experience, of a past life regression:

    My experience was intense. During my past life regression I saw myself as a sailor, who, discovering a tropical island, ventured out, and stumbled into a river. There, my foot got caught between the rocks, and I struggled to release it, but then I drowned. The pain in my foot was excruciating, and I had difficulty breathing during the session. At one point, I felt paralyzed both physically and emotionally.

    Going through the death was scary. I was guided through it several times, until the emotion connected to the pain was released.
    After going through this traumatic death, later the pain slowly went away from my foot. It really worked.

    Clearing Past Life Karma Through Journaling

    A past life regression is great for dealing with any suffering, but to change your life, and keep your karma clean or positive, using a karma journal is the way to go.
    It teaches you how to be in control of the one thing that is responsible for your future karma: your thoughts.
    It’s harder than you might think. The idea is to use a powerful journaling technique to realize your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence our life.

    A thought comes first before a deed. Both are important for creating positive karma.

    When starting journaling I saw the biggest changes in every area of my life, because I realized my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, and I learned more about myself. And that helped me to understand how important it is to transform my thoughts.

    A Quick 3 Point How To Guide:

    1. From today on, write down all of your negative thoughts, and the negative thoughts that you hear from other people too. Transform these negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a very important process, and it’ll change your life for the better, including your future karma!

    We need to learn to acknowledge our negative thoughts, and to be aware of them.
    We need to be aware of what other people say, or what they think, so that we can transform them as well!
    Spoken: We need to learn to catch our thoughts, and the words of others the moment they happen, so that we can transform them as soon as possible.

    So Grab your empty journaling book and a pen, and let’s start
    -Write the date and prepare 4 columns in your journal.
    -in the first column right: everything that appears to be negative as a title.
    Underneath Write down every situation of the day that made you feel bad. This can include negative thoughts you had, negative words and actions of others. Even the bad stuff on TV or the internet.

    All of this information gets imprinted on your emotional and mental body. And will have an effect on your life.

    2. In the second column write: The transformation into positive as a title.
    In this column you have to find reasons why the negative can be the positive. Bridge this by saying: how good is it that: and find a reason. Write about forgiveness letting go and so on. (Example:) If you experience lots of negativity at work, an argument with your boss, you could say: How good is it that: I can go to work each day, earn money, and support the people I love.
    This is a great place to start, and just by doing this you will see positive changes in your life, but there is much more, so:

    3. Get the full FREE Course: How To Create the Karma You Love, click on the link:…