Guided Meditation Anxiety And Stress Replaced With Inner Peace?

Guided Meditation Anxiety And Stress Replaced With Inner Peace?

If anxiety and stress plague your life there is a way to deal with it. You can find your inner peace through a guided meditation anxiety release.

Guided Meditation The Easy Way To Deal With Anxiety

The guided meditation for anxiety below will help you to find your inner peace in short order.  This is a powerful guided meditation to help you let go of stress and anxiety! Inner peace is the key to feeling better. It’s easy: just listen to it…

guided meditation anxiety

Anxiety sucks, and so does stress, but what is the difference, and how do they relate?

Simply said: anxiety is worry, stress is the physical effect of anxiety. Both go hand in hand.  Both can cause illnesses.

When Anxiety gets bad these can be the symptoms:

-Sleeping disorders
-Cold or sweaty hands or feet
-Hard to breath like shortness of breath

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  • -Heart palpitations
    -Becoming fidgety
    -Getting a dry mouth
    -Numb tingling hands and feet
    -Physical Tension

    Combine this symptoms with stress, and you have a recipe for other even worse symptoms that can lead to chronic disorders.

    Worry comes from many different aspects of our daily lives. We worry about the future mostly, but that worry was probably created in our past, through negative experiences.


    Worry is just a projection of what might happen, which creates stress for us in the present. None of this needs to happen, because we live in the present, not the past or future. The problem is that this is hard to see when we begin to worry.

    Anxiety and stress blinds us to the reality that both conditions are not real. If we focus on the moment, it becomes apparent that anxiety has no place in it, because it’s a projection of how things might go poorly in the future.

    For most people this psychological pitfall is almost impossible to overcome. The good news is that you can still find your inner-peace without having to be a meditation master, with this guided inner peace meditation for anxiety .

    With this guided meditation anxiety and stress are replaced with inner peace: 🙂

    Love and Light
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