Healing With Meditation: A FREE Drum Meditation

Healing With Meditation: A FREE Drum Meditation

Healing With Meditation: A FREE Drum Meditation

Shamanic Journey with drumming: https://goo.gl/1ZdfRH healing with meditation drumming rhythms brings you to a higher consciousness, where healing can happen. It brings you to a relaxed state. It distracts you from all the thoughts you have, and it simply relaxes your busy mind, and your whole body.

There is no doubt that Healing With Meditation drumming can have powerful physical effect on people. Drum therapy can help people with brain injuries or impairment, physical injuries, arthritis, addictions, and more. There have been studies that prove that drumming rhythms help in lots of health issues.

They say that drumming is a great stress reliever, and actually can increase your immune system. It lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones.

Just take the physical activity of pounding on something, if you are the drummer, this can be a great way to vent pent-up anger or energy. But beyond that, healing with meditation drumming is a form of mediation, as the rhythms balances both side of your brain, to give you a sense of inner peace.

This relaxing effect of healing with meditation should not be underestimated for your health. When listening to the rhythm, while properly breathing and visualizing, stress can be seriously reduced. The physical stimulation of drumming also removes blockages and produces emotional release. In the end drumming rhythms create a vibration or frequency that can be felt, and can influence your physical form right down to the cellular level. The rhythms help clean out, so to speak, trapped negative energy.

Healing with meditation can be powerful this way. Drumming grounds us to connect us with all of the natural rhythms of the universe. Being in tune with the universal rhythm will bring balance and healing into your life. Healing with meditation can be fun when using drums. I love it because it is almost effortless to gain a meditative state through drumming.

This Healing with meditation drumming is clearly guided by Daniela Hills, who teaches online courses on shamanic journeying, Reiki, and so much more. This is a professionally, partly guided, 10 minute healing with meditation drumming meditation. Shamanic Journey with drumming: Healing With Meditation: https://goo.gl/1ZdfRH

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