How Do Trance Mediums Work With Trance Healing?

How Do Trance Mediums Work With Trance Healing?

Spirits are waiting to heal you. How do trance Mediums do it? They use Trance Healing to connect to the spirit world. Thus, the healing energy comes directly from Spirit.

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Trance Mediums Use Mediumship To Heal And Receive Messages

Trance Mediums also connect with Ascended Masters and Angels. So the healing doesn’t come from the trance medium. The Medium is simply the go between.

Through Trance Healing, the Medium becomes a channel for the Healing energy, which is sent from spirits, guides, helpers, angels, and more.

The basic idea is that the Medium goes into a deep meditation before the Trance Healing begins.  Thus, the Medium must reach a state of trance. This helps them to connect to the spirits that bring the healing energy. In this process, the energy fields of the Medium and the Spirit Friends will blend. Hence, if the Medium is doing a healing session for someone else the healing energy is transferred from spirit, through the aura of the medium, to the client.

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  • Why Do Trance Healing?

    Trance Healing is perfect for spiritual Self Healing, or to help your friends, or clients. Trance mediums can do a face to face session, or even a distance session.

    Although possible, physical issues are not the main focus of Trance Healing. But it works great for emotional, mental and spiritual problems.

    A Trance Healing session can be supportive in times when we are out of balance, for example when we experience high stress or emotional problems.

    Where Can You Learn To Be A Trance Medium?

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