The Best Free Guided Meditation Didn’t Help Me, Why?

The Best Free Guided Meditation Didn’t Help Me, Why?

I found myself in a tug of war between who I thought I am, and reality! For me, reality was the opposite of what I thought it was. I discovered that there isn’t a separate self. I heard that meditation could connect me to the One, the All, the collective you and me. But I was confused about this. I know that sages, poets and philosophers have been saying this for centuries: a separate you and me is an illusion. I know that some science is saying the same thing today. Yet I never really understood them. But only after using this guided meditation, did I find a great way to stop the tug of war. Guided meditations are powerful. But the best free guided meditation didn’t help me at first. Why not?

Best Free Guided Meditation

Best Free Guided Meditation Connects You To The Truth

It wasn’t because I couldn’t be helped. A guided meditation can do it’s job. It was just unwilling to accept the truth. There are many angles to the truth. I needed to expose the many sides of truth, until there was no truth left.

I finally figured it out:

Why a Guided Meditation?

The best free guided meditation helped me find my inner peace. When I found it, my suffering was released. Hence, my suffering was caused by my desires, as an entity, struggling to find happiness in the illusion of separation and loneliness. But the best free guided meditation didn’t help me at first. Why? Because knowledge is not enough, I needed to do it, experience the oneness it creates. I had to meditate at least 10 minutes a day. I realized that no meditation would help me, if I wasn’t ready to help myself. And that meant to actively participate.

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