Types Of Spiritual Healing

Types Of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can begin with a simple prayer, or shift in the way you think. But it can also be as complex as a Shamanic ritual, which takes place over hours or even days. Types of spiritual healing, either in procedure or name, are many. Since spiritual healing is often applied to physical ailments, we can’t forget the spirit.

Types Of Spiritual Healing

Hence, I define spiritual healing as the healing of the spirit. This is the first step toward holistic health. So if the spirit has been neglected, a domino effect can happen. A sick spirit will translate into physical illness. So to create a healthy spirit, you should eat healthy, use positive thinking, or keep a karma journal. And you should meditate, do yoga, exercise, be grateful all the time, live in the moment, and find your inner peace.

Types Of Spiritual Healing

For many people, spiritual healing means: Energy Healing.

Types of Energy Healing:


It works with Life energy or Chi, unblocking the energy flow through the the body’s meridian system.


Since Reiki was discovered in Japan a long time ago, this energy healing system has been scientifically proven to work. It’s the number one types of spiritual healing to date.

Shamanic Healing

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  • Shamanic healing is a kind of mediumship healing similar, in some respects, to Trance Healing. The Shaman will go into a trance, and ask spirits and spirit animals to bring balance and healing. You can try doing a shamanic journey to find and bring back your power animal too.

    Chakra Healing

    Chakra healing is sort of like Acupuncture without physical touch. The practitioner will activate chakras in a verity of different ways, normally no touch. This can be done through aroma therapy too. Chakra healing is a general term for energy healing that works with the chakra system. The chakras are a key part of our energy system, so many types of energy healing incorporate some form of chakra work.

    Types Of Spiritual Healing

    White Light Self Empowerment

    WhiteLight Self-Empowerment uses the highest vibration. Daniela Hills is the founder of this popular, world wide chakra system. It helps to open chakras. It helps to clear, enlarge, cure, to energize, and connect the chakras. The White Light clears our physical body right down to every cell. It clears our entire ethereal body too.

    Matrix 7 

    Matrix Seven is a spiritual system that endeavours to bring positive changes to your life. It relies on the mystical power of 7.

    Trance Healing

    This method of spiritual healing, uses Mediumship to connect to the spirit world. So the energy comes directly from angels, spirit guides and helpers. Once the Trance Healer has gone into a trance, he or she either connects to the spirit world to ask for healing, or to heal others. A connection is made with clients during trance, and auras become one, as the healing begins. Daniela has a brand new online Trance Healing course for you to take right now!

    Healing Touch

    So Healing Touch is popular, and was invented by the licensed nursing community in the USA.

    Polarity Therapy

    So Polarity Therapy, is kind of a magnetic energy system, as it relies on the energetic principles of attraction, repulsion and neutrality.

    Quantum Touch®

    So Quantum Touch uses the practitioner’s breath to intensify the treatment. The practitioner brings the client’s energy to this higher (healthier) level.


    ThetaHealing is like absent healing, in the way that focused intention or prayer relies on God/Source to do the actual healing.

    In conclusion, there are many types of spiritual healing, but I think Trance Healing is one of the best. Take this Trance Healing course now!
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