How Enhancing Mind Body Spirit Works If You Put It All Together?

How Enhancing Mind Body Spirit Works If You Put It All Together?

How do we know if anything is real? Before I can say somthing about how enhancing mind body spirit works, did you know that philosophers have been trying to figure out the mind body problem for a long time?

Enhancing Mind Body Spirit

Enhancing Mind Body Spirit Connection

In my opinion the mind body problem explains the spirit. So, how does our mind and body interact? How does it all fit together? There are two arguments:

1. Dualism: maintains a rigid distinction between the realms of mind and matter

2. Monism: maintains that there is only one unifying reality, substance or essence, in terms of which everything can be explained

Simply said, Dualism says there is a world within, and a separate world without. Monism, through its idealism, says: the mind is creating both worlds: only thought truly exists and matter is merely an illusion.

The Mind Body Problem

So, if I were to argue, my experience tells me that the monism variant of idealism is closer to the truth. Reality seems to be happening in my mind. I thus understand that I ‘m consciousness.

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  • When I talk about my brain in the third person, who am I? 

    I’m consciousness, experiencing the mind-stream, happening in every person all the time, even in a scientist who analyses various phenomena in the world, including analyzing and hypothesizing about the organ brain.

    Hence, for me this is the collective consciousness that we all share.

    For me, dualism works like this:

    1. I’m a person travelling through the universe

    2. I’m consciousness, and the universe it travelling through me.

    The person, and the universe are both illusions. The only thing that is real is consciousness. Just understanding this, or better: waking up to this fact, will enhance mind body spirit connection.

    Enhancing Mind Body Spirit Through Journaling

    In conclusion, enhancing mind body spirit can be done through a clever journaling technique. I do this to improve my positive sate of being, and karma. Enhancing the spirit is partly realizing that the mind and body are part of it, and partly through constant training of your mind. It’s most effective when I realize the negative thoughts I’m constantly thinking, and transforming them. So, learn how to enhance your mind body spirit now! Click here!
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