How To Create A Healthy Mind Body Soul

How To Create A Healthy Mind Body Soul

Something that is missing more and more these days is healthy relationships. A healthy mind body soul connection can be created by being authentically social.

A Healthy Mind Body Soul Can Be Found In Relationships

Healthy Mind Body Soul

We are social creatures, there is no doubt about this. Using my “Alone” example again–a reality show that leaves survival contestants completely alone to survive in the wilderness–nothing I’ve seen on TV has ever more successfully at revealing how people need other people to be happy.

In the end, the survivalists, in this show, did not tag out, because they where starving.  But because of loneliness, which proved to be worse than anything they were up against.

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  • Socially engaging with other people, face to face, can create an incredibly powerful energy. When I meet friends, spend time with family, enjoy conversations at work with real people, it feels good. It feels like quality time, it feels natural and right…

    Afterwards when, I’m leaving, and I think back to the marvellous time I hand, that good feeling comes with me. Creating a healthy mind body soul connection can come from something as simple as pleasantly socializing. Meeting people face to face, is something our parents did, and the human race has been doing since the beginning of time.

    It’s unfortunate that so many of us, myself included, are disconnected from face to face interactions, through looking at our iPhones all day long. Some of the most fulfilling and memorable encounters I’ve had are the ones when I talked to a complete stranger.

    There is a special energy between people who don’t know each other

    It creates a spark of excitement, and takes away fears and blockages in an instant. I would suggest, as a first step in creating a healthy mind body soul relationship, is to say something nice to a stranger.

    Or just spend more time with your friends and family face to face, and tell them how your day was, and ask them what their days was like too. Tell a joke, or a story, make a connection! When you start to feel good, so will your mind body and soul.

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