Spiritual Awakening: How Does Knowing Nothing Lead To Enlightenment?

Spiritual Awakening: How Does Knowing Nothing Lead To Enlightenment?

This short series about the path to enlightenment might surprise you. Spiritual awakening often comes when you are willing to let go of the idea that you know anything at all.

Introduction To Your Spiritual Awakening

Click to get some Spiritual Awakening! So let’s get started with the enlightenment of knowing nothing. But how can knowing nothing be synonymous with enlightenment?

At first glance it might seem that the title is a little misleading, or I’m out to grab your attention, but this really is the enlightenment of knowing nothing.

The Oracle of Delphi once said that the philosopher Socrates is the wisest man on Earth.


Was it because he knew more than any other man? After all he was just a simple mason, and never wrote any of his ideas down. That was left up to his followers. No, Socrates was close to enlightenment, because he admitted that he knew nothing. To know nothing means you are stripped of everything you think you are, or were, or will be some day.

Spiritual Awakening

To know nothing puts you in a position to look at reality with fresh eyes, so to speak.

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  • Enlightenment is not always just about ideas, but also understanding the source of our ideas. It is found in the mysterious abyss of the enlightenment of knowing nothing.

    First lets look at three classic question that has tormented enlightenment thinkers for centuries:

    1. Who are we?
    2. Where did we come from?
    3. And where are we going?

    In the video series on enlightenment above, I’m going to show you that knowing nothing, means everything, because it will become your greatest source of power. Later I will go into more detail about what that source really is, and show you how it has built empires. The enlightenment of knowing nothing is the key.

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    Up next: let’s look at spiritual enlightenment as the enlightenment of knowing nothing
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