I Don’t Know What The Power Of Now Is, But Why Does Living In The Moment Feel So Good?

I Don’t Know What The Power Of Now Is, But Why Does Living In The Moment Feel So Good?

When gurus say: live in the moment… what does that mean? I can’t say exactly what the power of now really is. A lot of people have tired to explain it over the centuries; but, in the end, it just becomes another story for trying to explain the inexpiable conundrum called life.  I think the true power of now defies all logic…

The Power Of Now: Lost In The Past, Absent In The Future

Power Of Now

This seems obvious to me. Why?

Because to truly bring yourself into the moment you have to quiet the mind, leave all thoughts behind, and focus on observing the reality that is left. In this case logic disappears…

Not long ago, I watched this documentary where this artist admitted that he was terrified of losing his memories. He thought that our true self is based on who we were in the past, and all of the experiences that accompany our memories.

Thus, our memories make us who we are today.

I really had to think about this. When I went to bed, I could not sleep. I kept wondering if he was right. Then a host of memories washed over me. I started to remember some good times, and then the bad times crept in too… I needed to sleep, because I had to get up early, yet relentless memories continued to bombard me, and then something hit me, like a light bulb turning on in my head!

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  • Memories seem to break down into two categories.

    Joyful ones and painful ones. In the joy category, a memory would take me back to a time that was so awesome, so desirable, that I longed to go back to it, and stay there forever. But I knew I couldn’t, and that made me feel sad. In the pain category, the memory was like a poison, and I had to relive the sadness, shame, or whatever negative emotion was connected to it all over again.


    That was when I realized that memories are only part of who we are.

    Basically, both joyful and painful memories made me uncomfortable. And after delving deeper into them, I realized that the experiences I was remembering weren’t even true. They are fragmented little bits of someone I once was, and never the whole truth. Both good and bad memories also have some bad or good in them too.

    I think memories are our brain’s way of ambushing us with emotional bondage.

    This might be good for artists, who rely on them to create their melancholy art; for most of us, however, they just hold us back.

    Power Of Now

    But what is the power of NOW?

    The rare time when I find my inner-peace, when I let go of every little bit of logic, thought, memory, or worry of the future, I enter into the NOW! I become the watcher in the moment of reality: the ever changing moment. I am no longer stuck in the emotional baggage of the past, which inevitably influences the future by creating worry, based on what did not work before.

    All I know is when I live in the moment I feel great! For me this is the power. The moment might seem to be something static, almost boring, but when you look closely at it, and live in it for real, you will notice that it never stays still. It is constantly in flux.

    The power of living in the now, is connecting to who we really are: some kind of collective consciousness that is connected to some kind of ever changing energy, where all of creation exists.

    Memories, and living in the past, blinds us from this truth.

    For me, living in the now feels good because I’m not trapped anymore in fragmented realities of the past, that want to create a false image of the future,  as a negative invention of logic…

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