Developing Spiritual Powers And How To Unlock Them?

Developing Spiritual Powers And How To Unlock Them?

Growing spiritually is not difficult if you want to grow. Developing spiritual powers is a proactive thing to do. Through prayer, through meditation, positive thinking, doing good, being charitable, eating right, excising, yoga, and showing respect for yourself and others, are all good ways to start developing your spiritual powers. Much of this is basic ethics, and common sense though. If you focus too much on negative things, this will block the channels to your spiritual side.

Developing Spiritual Powers

It’s important to keep the spiritual channels open as much as possible.

When my imagination is active, this is when I feel the most connected to my true spiritual side. This happens effortlessly when I’m in the shower, or taking a walk. This is when I get my best ideas. It works because the mechanical act of showering, or walking, occupies the brain with automated logic used to keep the motor running, so to speak, opening your consciousness to connect to the universe.

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  • Of course there are a lot of things you can learn that will  help you in your spiritual growth, whatever you believe. If you are a Christian, you can attend bible studies. If you are into the New Age there are tons of courses to learn anything from improving your powers of intuition, to becoming a Reiki master, and so much more.

    Developing Spiritual Powers Does Not Have To Be Difficult

    You can learn how to do a shamanic journey too.

    Being able to journey through the spirit world is like, in a way, taking a shower on steroids. What I mean by this is: you will learn to put yourself into a trance, which is the ultimate way to distract your logical mind, and connect you to the spirit world.

    Going on a shamanic journey is a lot of fun too. Everyone can do this. We all have spiritual powers waiting to be unlocked.

    Developing spiritual powers can be done by taking an online course too.
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