Learn Reiki Online And Enrich Your Life

Learn Reiki Online And Enrich Your Life

There are lots of online courses for reiki, but few are as good as this course: learn reiki online here, with a mother a daughter team. They teach you, in a clear and simple way, with detailed video examples of how to do reiki treatments and attunements.

Learn Reiki Online Certified

learn reiki online

This reiki online course is the next best thing to learning reiki in person. Once you enrol you can download the material, watch the movies, go through the course, and then contact Lina to make an appointment for your personal attunements.

The quality of reiki attunements is important.

If you learn reiki online with this complete reiki level 1 online course, or levle 2, and reiki master and teacher, you will get proper personal distance attunements, not jut some mass attunement meant for hundreds of people at once, which is what most online reiki courses offer.

  • Complete Reiki Level 1 online Course 

    Certified Reiki Level 1 online video Course with Distance Attunements


  • When you learn reiki online here, you will also get a certificate

    Your certificates will come from master teacher’s that have the traditional Usui lineage. This course provides you with reading material too. Clear demonstration videos on how to give Reiki to yourself and others, and personal distance attunements are part of it. At the end you will get a certificate for the Reiki level you are learning. This certificate will be sent per e-mail, as a pdf-file, after the attunements.

    My tip: to get the biggest, most positive impact reiki can have on your life: learn reiki online starting at level 1. Then do, at least, level 2. You can, however, learn reiki online all the way up to master and teacher.

    Becoming a reiki teacher is a wonderful way to share your knowledge and experiences with family, friends and clients. But it does not make you suddenly a better, or wiser, or more enlightened person than anyone else. It simply means that, as a Reiki Teacher,  you are now able to pass on the gift of Reiki to others. This might make you wiser, but giving the gift of reiki is a wonderful thing, that will enrich your life.
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