One Great Way For Healing Body Mind Spirit

One Great Way For Healing Body Mind Spirit

Healing Body Mind And Spirit: The Power Of Thoughts

A big part of this blog is dedicated to helping you healing body mind and spirit. In short healing the body has a lot to do with mind and spirit. Many illnesses begin in the mind. Spirit is an aspect of yourself that should be included into your life. If stress is a huge cause of illnesses, and stress is, in truth, fictional, and exists only in the mind, then healing body mind spirit, begins with changing the way you think.

Healing Body Mind Spirit

There is a lot to be said for positive thinking and gratitude.

Both are powerful tools to guide your mind down the right path for eliminating stress. I won’t talk a lot about this right now, because I want to focus on spirit. Spirit is probably one of the most misunderstood, and elusive aspects of healing.

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  • Naturally the body is the most grounded in tangible reality. Sometimes just eating right, and getting the proper amount of excise is enough to bring healing into your life. Sometimes the mind can play a big role in healing too, just by being a bit more positive.

    But the spirit?

    The spirit is something that isn’t easy to quantify.

    Science tends not to even talk about it because they can’t prove that it exists at all. Paranormal anomalies that I’ve seen on some of these cool ghost hunting shows don’t count for science. The shadow figures, apparitions, and light orbs that are often recorded, happen far to seldom, and do not repeat, meaning that these experiences are not contained in strict laboratory conditions. Contamination is thus likely.

    Personally, I think the spirit world is real.

    I know this form personal experience. Once, when I was being initiated into Ra-Sheeba, by Daniela Hills, I felt a hand touching my side, in a comforting way; yet Daniela was standing on the other side of me, a fare distance away. The hand that touched me was real, no doubt about it, I could feel the individual fingers. This was one of my most memorable experiences, and it did freak me out a bit after I realized what happened.

    Daniela is also a medium, and she has connected to the dearly departed spirits in my life.

    She gave me such good validations that I had to cry. For me the spirit world is real. But there is another interesting part to this. In her online course: How To Do a Shamanic Journey To Find And Bring Back Your Power Animal, she shows you how to go on a shamanic journey to communicate with the spirit world.

    Your power animal is a potential spiritual aspect of yourself. When you find it, you can integrate this hidden aspect, which exists in your subconscious, for healing body mind spirit in your daily life. Start healing body mind spirit now!
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