The Key To True Happiness, Is Not Wanting To Be Happy In The First Place

The Key To True Happiness, Is Not Wanting To Be Happy In The First Place

Most people strive to be happy. But what is the key to true happiness? The pursuit of happiness is the number one goal of 99% of all humanity. It is the foundation that has built entire empires. It is a billion dollar industry too, in book sales, self help seminars, guru philosophies, of religions passions, studied by science.

The Key To True Happiness Is Letting Go

key to true happiness

The key true happiness Is probably not want you think.

Being happy sounds great, but happiness is out to trick you.


There is a huge problem with happiness.

Yes, when you are happy it feels great! Then how can happiness be a problem?

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  • It’s a problem because it’s conditional. The pursuit of happiness means that the one pursuing it will always be let down, because it takes certain, fleeting conditions to create the feeling of happiness. Those conditions always diminish quickly over time.


    Happiness is thus impossible to maintain for long periods of time.

    But people get addicted to that warm and wonderful feeling, and will always take their pursuit of happiness to the next level.

    That is why they never have enough money, possessions, attention, whatever it takes to make them feel happy. In truth, they are just filling an empty void, which can never be filled.

    Happiness consumes anything they stuff into that void. Happiness is always hungry, and it’s endless appetite fuels desire.

    Desires spin the wheel of this devils circle, because desires can never bring true happiness.

    The key to true happiness is giving up all of your desires.

    No one can make anyone else happy. Because happiness comes from within; and if your family and friends are lucky, they can share in your happiness.

    Letting go of your desires leads to an important enlightenment. It is the key to true happiness: inner peace. Inner peace is greater than happiness, because it can be maintained with fewer conditions. In fact, there is only one condition: letting go of all the conditions that people think will make them happy. Part of this enlightenment is a new outlook on life. Once you have let go of all of your desires, suddenly you will be filled with the joy of life. Because just being alive is such a miracle that it is enough to fill that void.

    When you attain inner peace, you create something bigger than happiness: you create lasting joy.

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