Reiki Chakra: Crown Chakra Clearing, And The 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing, For New Ideas

Reiki Chakra: Crown Chakra Clearing, And The 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing, For New Ideas

A crown chakra clearing, and the 3rd eye chakra clearing, are a good way to receive new ideas, through reiki chakra activation

Most of my best ideas come from nowhere.

I do nothing, they just come to me, especially when I’m going for a walk. Has this ever happened to you before?

Or when you were standing in the shower, and suddenly you get a great idea. Or you woke up, after sleeping on a problem, and suddenly you have a great idea or solution to your problem?

Does this happen to you?

This happens to me all the time.

The reason for this is that when I’m going for a walk, or taking a shower, my logical mind is kept busy with the physical functions of walking or washing myself. This opens a channel to my intuition. It’s like a window that opens to the universe, or my higher self. And there I get new and enlightening information and ideas.

Sleeping on a problem opens me up to my higher self too, and my subconscious, which is always the key to new ideas and enlightenment.

Some of the most successful people in the world understand this. Great ideas don’t always come from just using logic, in fact I would argue the opposite.

Great ideas come from the same place your intuition comes from

It’s a mysterious, spiritual place, a subconscious place, a place anyone can connect to, if you open the channel.

Some artists would call it their muse.

I call it my higher self. It is where all creation, all possibilities exist in timelessness, which we can tap into.

In order to have a much better connection to this spiritual realm for inspiration and enlightenment, it is important to make sure your crown and 3rd eye chakra are working to their full capacity. And I use reiki to do this for crown chakra clearing and 3rd eye chakra clearing through reiki chakra activation.

The vitality of our body, the development of the self consciousness, and spiritual consciousness, depends on how well our chakras are working.

Here is a quick overview of both chakras:

new ideas

Third Eye Chakra – Violet-Indigo

This Chakra lies at the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows, and opens to the front and back.

This centre is the seat of intuition, ideas, visions, insights, imagination, and inspiration. It communicates via pictures and ideas.

It can be activated several ways including reading spiritual books, and visualization, but we will activate using reiki.

Crown Chakra – White-Violet

This chakra is on the top of your head and opens up toward the sky. This Chakra stands for inner knowledge, enlightenment, connection with higher planes of consciousness, and spiritual truth.

Again we will activate it using reiki, but it can be activated through meditation, and by activating of all the other chakras.

My 7 steps for a crown chakra clearing, and the 3rd eye chakra clearing, through reiki chakra activation

Before I start I always have a theme, or problem that needs to be solved with an idea. I focus on the problem, then I release it into the universe, I let it go to my higher self, emptying my mind during the reiki session.

1. I activate the reiki energy, I’m not using any reiki symbols, so this can be done with first level reiki.

2. I focus on a problem. Imagine the problem moving up into the 3rd eye chakra, up into the crown chakra, and then continuing up into the reiki energy stream, until it vanishes into the universe. At this point my mind is empty.

3. Now I activate and clear the third eye and crown chakra by feeling and clearing blockages, which you can learn in Lina and Daniela’s reiki course, then placing my hands on both chakras.

4. I let the energy flow until I get an answer or idea or enlightenment for my problem. If nothing comes to me, I don’t worry: it might come to me later, after the session. I’m open now to receive the information when it comes to me. It will always come to me, effortlessly, and will feel 100% right, like a sudden enlightenment.

5. Then I create a reiki beam, to energize my entire aura.

6 I do this for at least 5 minutes.

7 I end the session by asking for continual enlightenment, and thanking for the universal energy. Done


Not only do you connect to your higher self through a crown chakra clearing, and the 3rd eye chakra clearing, but the reiki chakra activation will also activate your intuition. Learn more, get new ideas: CLICK HERE

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