Shaman Healing Of Ho’oponopono: The Healing Of Forgiveness

Shaman Healing Of Ho’oponopono: The Healing Of Forgiveness

The shaman was more than a healer in the traditional sense. Shaman healing is a central part, however, of what a shaman does. Healing can come in many forms. It can be done on an individual basis, on even collectively on a societal whole. One of the most interesting shaman healing ways for me is the Hawaiian forgiveness technique called: Ho’oponopono.  It’s fascinating because it concurs with Biocentrism.

Shaman Healing With Ho’oponopono

When I first learned how to do Ho’oponopono it took me a while to wrap my head around it. But the same goes for Biocentrism, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around today. It’s amazing!

Through Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian shaman teaches us that if we have troubles and problems in our lives we are creating them. All of your troubles come from you, you’re creating your own reality. But it goes further than this. If you are surround by people who are ill, or have their own terrible problems, according to Ho’oponopono you’re creating this too.

Shaman Healing

Every situation in your life is a personal creation. So if you want to heal the sick people around you, first you must take responsibility for their illness. In fact, one Hawaiian shaman, who happened to be a psychologist, did just that. He ended up healing his entire ward of patients using the Ho’oponopono technique.

He healed them by taking responsibility with this simple mantra:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I thank you

I love you

This mantra is spoken as if addressing yourself. It’s all about taking responsibility: I’m sorry I made you ill, please forgive me for the bad stuff I do, I thank you for this lesson, and I love you: meaning yourself.

But how does this strange concept relate to science?

Ho’oponopono and Biocentrism

I’ve mentioned Biocentrism before. It’s a valid scientific theory that says reality is created through the biological creature’s observations, through consciousness. The universe is centered within us, there is no universe outside of our consciousness. Essentially it is saying the same thing as Ho’oponopono. I know these concepts might be difficult to understand, because it seems so obvious that there is a concrete universe out there, even when we are dead. But not according to Biocentrism. Read more…

There is another way of experiencing shaman healing.

Shaman Healing With A Shamanic Journey

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