What Are The Proven 10 Benefits Of Meditation, And the 7 Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation?

What Are The Proven 10 Benefits Of Meditation, And the 7 Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation is a good thing. And there are more than ten advantages, but this first list is of 10 benefits of meditation. So beyond that I would like to point out some benefits that might be missing.

10 Benefits Of Meditation

The 10 Benefits Of Meditation, Proven To Help On A physical Level

-Stress Reduction
-Emotional Balance
-Better concentration and Focus
-Pain Reduction
-Anxiety Reduction
-More Creativity
-Less Depression
-Better Memory
-More Compassion
-Increased Productivity

So each one of these benefits are tied to a physical negative, which is responsible for mental and physical wellbeing. And too much stress, emotional imbalance, lack of focus, too much pain, anxiety, lack of creativity, deep depression, memory loss, no compassion, little productivity–all of this leads to illness. But stress is probably the number one leading cause of illness, yet stress does not physically exist at first in the real world. It is simply a product false thought processes.

Since thought patterns are directly related to our spiritual growth, I’d like to focus now on the benefits of meditation that might go unseen.

7 Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation

The 7 Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation, Some Might Be More Difficult To Prove

Therefore on a personal level, through direct experience, all of the following are proven, but not scientifically. Do I care? Not at all….

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  • 1. Gaining Enlightenment

    So through meditation it is possible to gain enlightenment on many different levels, depending on how well you have developed this skill. For me, I like to use guided meditations, and one with binaural beats, to attain certain expert levels of meditation, which can lead to enlightenment. My skill is not that great, I admit it…

    2. Finding Your Inner Peace

    Inner peace is important if you want to live a fulfilling life. Because life is simple, we just make it complicated. One of these complications is the pursuit of happiness. You should be pursuing inner peace, which is a state absent of desire. Happiness is conditional on fulfilling desire, and can never be maintained for long. Meditation will help you find your inner peace, which will create true joy in your life.


    3. Connecting To The Moment

    So living in the moment is the place inner peace will bring you. It is a spontaneous, perfect Nirvana, absent of worries of the future, or burdens of the past, which are both illusions. You will find your greatest creative and spiritual strength in the moment. This is a huge spiritual benefit of meditation.

    4. Understanding Your True Nature

    Meditation can help you discover your true nature. This is the first benefit of enlightenment. Your true nature is not just a physical form, but a form of universal and collective consciousness, which was never born, not will never die. In meditation, in your daily life, and in your dream life, you, as pure consciousness, are always awake, always watching the ever changing moment.

    5. Creating Your Reality Through Visualization

    A huge benefit and technique in traditional spiritual meditation is to use visualizations to create a positive reality for yourself and others. This is similar to the popular “Secret” movie, that show you how to visualize a profitable life. But you can visualize and healthier, compassionate life, filled with love too.

    6. Creating Love And Gratitude

    So you should listen to guided gratitude meditations. Gratitude is one of the most powerful, and life changing energies there is. Start being grateful today!

    7. Understand The World And Yourself In A Deep And Transforming Way

    In conclusion, meditation will connect you to yourself, and the world around you, in ways you can not imagine. Hence, the proven 10 benefits of meditation, and the 7 spiritual benefits of meditation, will change your life forever! Start now: click here and get this free online meditation course now!
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