Living In The Moment

Living In The Moment

What is your true spiritual potential? This is a hard question to answer, because first we would have to understand what that potential is. Understanding potential means understanding limits, and it would seem that with spirituality there are no limits. Yet, unlimited potential seems to be a hard concept for humans to grasp, because we are limited to the physics that seem to keep us grounded on the Earth, for example. Living in the moment will ground us.

Living In The Moment: How To Unlock Your True Spiritual Potential

Living In The Moment

Our entire lives are founded on limits. We are taught limited thinking in our upbringing, school systems, through various different forms of media, through our friends, family, and coworkers. Social norms limit us. No matter where we turn, and look, there seems to be limits, borders, stop signs, etc.

Nevertheless, I will help you break the barriers that are limiting you in exercising your full spiritual potential.

I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I think I have figured a few things out by now, and I am going to help you unlock your true potential, and show you how you can do this by living in the moment.

Finding You Inner Peace Can Help You To Live In The Moment


When we live in the moment, it means we do not live in fear of the future, or live by our bad experiences of the past.

living in the moment, we realize that our true spiritual potential is somewhere hidden there.

When we tap into it, we can become creators of our own realities… The moment is always open, always honest, always free of the things that block our progress toward our true spiritual potential.

Our potential is truly limitless. It seems like there is nothing we cannot create, or overcome, through our creative powers.

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  • That’s why living in the moment allows us to tap into the universal consciousness, which we are all part of, and is part of what we might call God. Living in the moment frees us of everything that is holding us back spiritually to become our greatest potential.

    The problem is that we think that living in our thoughts is who we are. But we are not our thoughts. We don’t live in the moment, because we are constantly burdened by thoughts of the past, and worries of the future.

    Who Are You?

    What happens when you let go of your thoughts? What happens to who you are? Do you suddenly vanish, and are no longer real?

    Living In The Moment

    Of course you not!

    The fact is that you still exist, but you are now closer to who you really are: pure consciousness, the observer, who is observing the ever-changing moment, which is within and without.

    When you empty your mind, or let go of your thoughts, you come closer to experiencing reality in the present. You do not suddenly cease to exist, you start existing for the first time!

    When you empty your mind, you become the witness of everything that happens. And that witness does not sleep.

    This is a curious thing, when you are awake, and your mind is empty, you witness the ever-changing moment, right? Yet when you are asleep, that witness, that consciousness is still watching. It is still aware, and witnessing your subconscious state, watching your dreams.

    It’s obvious that who you really are is always awake always watching and experiencing the moment, in whatever form it comes in. This is your true spiritual self, where your true potential is buried.

    Your true spiritual self is pure consciousness: consciousness just simply exists, as far as we know.

    I believe that consciousness is hungry for experience, and that experience is, at the same time, created through consciousness, it’s strange I know…

    Try And Let Go Of All Of Your Thoughts, And Step Into The Magic Of The Moment

    Living In The Moment

    In other words: stop living in the past, of projecting your worries into the future, based upon everything that went wrong.

    None of this is real. The past is a collection of inaccurate memories, and the future has not come yet.

    I know this because when I think of good or bad things that have happened to me, I realize that the memories are just part of the truth. When I really think about it, the good was not that good, and the bad had sometimes a silver lining to it. Memory is not perfect. Memories are just fragments of a bigger picture already lost to time.

    The only thing that is real is the moment.

    The trick is to enjoy whatever you’re doing at the present moment: savour the moment.

    For me, through a near death experience, I love and enjoy every minute of life itself, because no matter what life dishes up, it is the greatest gift of them all! Connecting to the moment will connect you to all that you really are: part of the collective consciousness.

    When living in the moment your spiritual powers of creation become heightened. This will unlock your true spiritual potential because you ill no longer be held back by fears.  This FREE meditation course will help you find the movement.
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