Why Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Number 7 So Powerful?

Why Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Number 7 So Powerful?

Spiritual Meaning Of Number 7: the number 7 is not just a lucky number, it’s a big part of religious, and New Age spiritual beliefs and functions. Why do you think there are 7 deadly sins? Beyond the power that this number has on our collective consciousness, it is also the foundation of a modern New Age spiritual energy called Matrix 7, in which you can be initiated into. In this case the spiritual meaning number 7 is focused on who we truly are…

The Spiritual Meaning Of Number 7 Is Powerful


The spiritual meaning of number 7 is so powerful because it symbolizes the power of creation, the power of god!

If mathematics is the language of god, then 7 is god’s number. The reason for this is 7 does not fit into the circle of life, and is more connected to the divine.

There are many mystical reasons why 7 has become lucky. For now, lets just say people pick it because subconsciously 7 should not exist. The logical mind cannot understand it. At the same time, subconsciously, we all know there is something more to life, something that just does not fit. There is something hidden, something that connects all of us, could this be the 7?

The odd thing is that although the logical mind invented 7, it cannot understand it.

It cannot explain it. It does not fit into the minds way of calculating. Although we use it in our math all the time, 7 simply does not belong to this reality. It cannot fit into the life cycle of PI, or 22: divided into 360 degrees. Yet it is always present right now. This leads us to ask if 7 has been given to us from god, the source of all things. Our mind thinks that it is in control, and has created the number 7. But was it really created through logic?

Let’s just say 7 is god’s number. Did god give us the 7 to make a point? Or does 7 tell our minds that they are limited, and not in control? One thing is certain, our minds are not able to explain and experience god, or pure awareness, or the TRUE SELF, or whatever you want to call it, through logic. And 7 makes no logical sense in math.
Spiritual Meaning Of Number 7

When getting attuned to the morphic filed of 7 in Matrix 7, the spiritual meaning of number 7 becomes obvious. Take these online courses now: Matrix 7

This article has been donated to us by our guest author Michael Hills

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