What Does It Mean If You See White Light In Meditation?

What Does It Mean If You See White Light In Meditation?

When looking at aura color interpretation, given to us by those who can see auras, and a few aura imaging devices, there are certain things we can say about the spiritual and physical meaning of light. So what does it mean when you see white light in meditation? To answer this question first you must understand the colors, and what they represent, specifically where the cutoff is between those spiritual colors that ground us, and those that take us to the spiritual realm. There is definitely a pattern…

If You See White Light In Meditation It’s A Good Thing

White Light Self Empowerment


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When Practicing With Energy Healing

I often noticed that my intuition would lead me to working with colors. In color therapy it’s said that colors have a certain frequency, because color is light energy.

In Chakra Teachings we learn that each of our 7 main Chakras have a different color, which are the same colors found in the rainbow.

Let’s have a look at these colors, and how to use them.

Crown Chakra – White/Violet

White is a blend of all colors of the light spectrum. I personally love to work with white, crystalline light for healing, or in meditations to experience a high vibration of all my Chakras, and my Aura. (maybe you know my WhiteLight Self Empowerment System www.whitelightselfempowerment.com). You can always use white for healing. Violet is the color of transformation. I use it if I need to transform blockages by imagining how a violet flame “burns” away the blockage, and transforms it into white light.

Third Eye Chakra – Violet and Indigo

This color can be used to help activate the 3rd eye. It is also great for protection. If I’m in a car, and the traffic seems to be very aggressive, I imagine a violet cloud around the car, with the intention that this will help to keep other cars at a distance.

Throat Chakra – Blue

When I feel, while doing a Reiki session, that someone has trouble with their throat, I use the color Blue to support this Chakra. It’s also helpful to wear a blue scarf when you have trouble with your throat, like a cold. I personally love Blue around me. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I have to speak a language that’s different from my mother tongue. (You might have noticed my German accent?)

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  • Heart Chakra – Green

    I love using Green to bring balance into Chakras. Green means healing for the heart. But it also helps to bring in new, fresh energy, or change, like during the spring time, when the little tree leaf buds show up to tell us that it’s time for a change. Sometimes the Heart Chakra is associated with Pink. You could use the color for healing the heart, or attracting a new Love into your life. Secret tip: have Peonies (pink flowers) in your house, and don’t be surprised if you find the love of your life.

    Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

    Doesn’t Yellow remind you of the Sun? This color is wonderful to change negative emotions to positive ones. I use this color to let go of sadness, fear, or anger. It helps to increase Self confidence, and is used to help the digestive system.

    Sacral Chakra – Orange

    This color is helpful to activate creativity, or to bring more fun into your life. It can help to clear blockages in the Sacral Chakra, so that we can have better relationships with ourselves and others.

    Root Chakra – Red

    This color is helpful for finding your roots. If you ask yourself: What do I want in my life? Where are my roots, than this color can support you to activate the Root Chakra. Sometimes red underwear can be helpful to be more grounded 🙂

    So now lets get back to White Light:

    WHITE: This is the highest vibration, the purest light. If you see white light in meditation this can mean that a new, powerful and spiritual energy has entered your aura. White light has the highest spiritual, etheric, and non-physical qualities, and can take you to higher dimensions. It is pure truth, that can help you connect to your higher-self, your spiritual guides, and other information sources. Daniela can teach you how to do this through White Light SelF Empowerment.

    White Light Self Empowerment

    In Conclusion, if you see white sparkles or flashes of white light, angels are nearby… Thus, if you see white light in meditation, be happy that you are experiencing something close to God!

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  • If You See White Light In Meditation

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