4 Wise Sayings Truth In Random Wisdom

4 Wise Sayings Truth In Random Wisdom

Wise Sayings Truth, Some Random Wisdom

We have a fun new website called random wisdoms. And you can get some Wise Sayings Truth in random wisdom there, just by clicking a button. But you can also get your daily tarot card. So we just wanted to have some fun, and build an unconventional one button website, which will give you some random wisdom.

Because Random Wisdom

Has Called You Here For A Reason

Show Me

A Random Wisdom

Here are some examples we have on our site. Have fun!

1. What We Believe Determines What Happens To Us


Wise Sayings Truth

What We Think, Determines What We Feel, What We Experience.

If We Believe In Something, This Can Produce A Feeling Of Safety.

Many Are Afraid To Take Their Faith Under The Magnifying Glass.


2. Student Says: “Yes, I Know That Already, That’s Nothing NEW To Me”


Teacher Says: “We All Know, But Only Few Really Take Action”

And What About You?

3. Life is Strange

Nothing In Modern Physics Explains How A Group Of Molecules In Your Brain Create Consciousness.

Life Is A Mystery!


4. Bad Day?


Did you have a bad day?

Or did just one experience ruin your day?

And this one experience probably only lasted about five minutes, right?

So did you think about the five minutes of bad experience the whole day long?

And now you think you’ve had a bad day, but wasn’t it only five minutes of your day that was bad?


So I think you get the idea of Random Wisdoms. And another fun thing to do there is to get your daily tarot card, and see what the future holds for you.  Let the digital fortune teller do a one card reading for you, and enjoy!


Give Me My 

Daily Tarot Card Guidance

So get more Wise Sayings Truth and Random Wisdom, click below:

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