Shamanic Dancing Is Shamanic Journeying Through Dancing and Breathing

Shamanic Dancing Is Shamanic Journeying Through Dancing and Breathing

Shamanic Dancing Is A Certified Online Course

There are so many different ways to do shamanic methods, like Shamanic dancing because there are so many different reasons to practise them.

You might already know about my Shamanic Journeying courses, in which you can learn one of many different methods. You can learn how to visit spiritual worlds, how to find Power Animals, Symbols and Lost Souls.

Now, I want to share another shamanic way of self discovery, and spiritual growth: Shamanic Dancing.

If you like to dance, and if you like Shamanic Journeying, then this course is for you.

No worries, if you have never done a Shamanic Journey before, you can still join this course, as long as you feel drawn to shamanic methods.

 “I’ve never expected Shamanic dancing is such a healing process for me. Images in dreams came out. I cried a bit and let go of negative energies. I also danced like different animals. At the end, I felt energised and lighter and healed in some ways. Thank you so much, Daniela, for teaching this simple yet powerful method.” 


Shamanic Dancing

What is Shamanic Dancing?

Shamanic Dancing is simply another way of Shamanic Journeying by using breathing and dancing to reach a light or deep state of Trance that you need for Shamanic Journeying.

How does it  work?

Shaman Dancing is a practice where you invite Spirit, the power of all creation, into your body through dancing. This is attained through a special breathing method. When using this breathing method you will free your mind, and when your body is dancing, your soul can travel to other worlds, where you can meet your shamanic ancestors, spirit animals, or spirit guides. There you can get answers to questions, and you can learn, heal, or even help your friends to heal on a spiritual level.

Try Shamanic Dancing now, CLICK!
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