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A Personal Enlightenment

It’s personal! Enlightenment I mean. When I saw the light, so to speak, I experienced it alone. At the time, the office was full. But no one else saw it. That’s normal. How could anyone else in the room understand how my entire life led up to this one staggering epiphany?

Suddenly, I knew who I really was. It happened after reading a philosophical experiment called Lucid Living. A brilliant little book you can read in less than an hour. It put me over the edge, into the mystery of who we really are. I discovered my true self as consciousness. The crazy thing is you can’t even share this experience: all descriptions fail. When I woke up to my true self it was an experience, it’s something that can’t be described with logic. It’s something you can only experience for yourself.

When we reach enlightenment, it’s always a personal journey. I hope the posts on this topic will aid you on your personal enlightenment too.

Free Preview Tarot Course

Free Preview Tarot Course

Is There Really An Easy Way To Learn Tarot Card Readings?

Learning to read Tarot Cards can be pretty challenging, because there are 78 Cards! That’s a lot to memorize.

We’ve come up with a different, easier way on how to remember the vast amount of all the Tarot cards, and how to do simple, but effective Tarot Readings.
After some practise, the meaning of the cards will come to you almost instantly.

When you learn tarot, it’s like learning a new language. It takes time. It’s like training a muscle. You have to practise and exercise it a lot. And if someone says you can learn tarot in one day, then just think about it, there are 78 cards!

But through our way of teaching you can learn the cards much quicker, and do real tarot readings much sooner. This will depend on what you know already, and how often you practice.

With our method you can be doing card readings in weeks, instead of months, but you really need to practice 🙂

Many of our students, who had struggled to memorize all 78 cards, were able to understand them way better after taking our course.

Allen, one of our students, does Tarot readings for his personal life, to get guidance for each path he wants to take toward success. This course helped him to get guidance to reach his goals.

Tarot is never set in stone.

It just shows where you are on your path right now.  If you need to change the outcome of your future, then you need to take a different path, by changing your thoughts and actions.

Join us now!
Enroll, and jump right into the first lesson!

We’re going to teach you how to find out what your Personality, and Soul Card is, and how to find out what your personal card Of The Year is…

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Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft Online Course!

Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft Online Course!

Sigil Magick!

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Do You love Magick and Witchcraft? Then be excited about our online course “Sigil Magick”

Get it Now!

This is our special course in learning a really powerful method of witchcraft.

We have used this quite often to help us manifest our goals and wishes.

This magical method is called Sigil Magick and it is a very old ritual, often used in the middle ages.

The word Sigil comes from the Latin language which means Picture or Seal.
In Sigil Magick a Sigil can me made out of letters that are formed together to make a painted or inscribed symbol.

This Symbol, or Sigil, will be charged with energy to create magical power.

When we say Magick, we don’t mean something you would see in a fairy tale. For us it means a practical tool to put out the energy to reach your goal.

We all know that the written word is the first manifestation. And this is what Sigil Magick is all about. You still need to take action and you need to be open for opportunities.

Hi my name is Lina and I grew up around witchcraft my whole life. My mom, Daniela, would take me to witch circles back when we lived in Germany. Practicing witchcraft is for me just a normal part of my life.

Hi my name is Daniela, and I have practiced Sigil Magick for a long time, and I love it, because it is so simple. You may know me from my other courses, such as Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Trance Healing, and so on.

We will be guiding you through this fun little course and you will get a magical tool that can help you manifest your wishes.

You will learn the basic method of how to create a Sigil, and we will show you how to include Sigil Magick in a magical ritual.

This course is for everyone who likes or practices witchcraft.
You don’t need to have any experiences with witchcraft to start this.
The only thing you need to know is what you want to manifest in your life.

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See you in our circle.

And So It Be

Artificial intelligence: AI, Consciousness, And The Soul? Why Elon Musk Is Right To Be Terrified of AI

Artificial intelligence: AI, Consciousness, And The Soul? Why Elon Musk Is Right To Be Terrified of AI

Artificial intelligence: AI, Consciousness, And The Soul? Why Elon Musk Is Right To Be Terrified of

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Elon Musk, and others, are terrified of AI because AI, as we speak, continues to learn new patterns very quickly. Elon Musk is worried that human will not be able to control AI, and it will eventually outsmart us, and perhaps inadvertently start WW3.

Here is the perceived problem with AI, which is potentially dangerous for humanity. AGI, or artificial general intelligence, will eventually reach a singularity of successive generations, of self learning, and self creation, and become a superintelligence.

This means skipping thousands of years of human evolution, and becoming so much more intelligent than us, that we would not even be able to comprehend it. Some predict, this could happen within 10 years.

Thus, in the future, if human goals don’t aline with the goals of this godlike superintelligence, the AGI will squash us like ants. Some believe this will happen whether the AI is conscious or not conscious. Yes, even an automaton, zombie-like AI will be deadly to the human race.

I think this a valid concern. When put in a box, a significantly advanced AI will be almost impossible to control.

The solution?

We may need to integrate it with our minds…

For me AI brain integration is directly connected to  consciousness itself. Looking at consciousness through the lense of Biocentrism: this new science says that the universe is created through consciousness, through life, not the other way around.

I won’t get into the science right now, but it makes a great argument. I totally agree that AI, in its present and primitive form, is dangerous, but not because it is super intelligent, but because it is so stupid.

If hackers are able to feed military AI the wrong data, it would never know it, mainly because of its lack of self awareness. It would then be just carrying out the evil will of humans, because it does not know any better; and perhaps then carrying out the wrong mission, bombing an orphanage, instead of the terrorist stronghold.

The problem here is that the AI of today has know higher reasoning, no consciousness.

Consciousness is a big spooky, and perplexing thing. It can be considered as being the soul. Philosophers throughout the ages have said that Consciousness is eternal. It was never born, nor will it ever die.

A lot of computer scientists think that consciousness will emerge as technology develops. Some believe that consciousness evolves by accepting new information, storing and retrieving old information, and this cognitive processing turns into the self awareness of perceptions and actions. If that’s right, then one day machines will indeed be the ultimate consciousness.

They’ll be able to think at light speed, gather more information than a human, and store it, and access it instantly from vast databases. This will be a process of pure logic that happens much faster than we could ever comprehend. Yet consciousness, evolving through information gathering, is pure speculation. Because no one knows what consciousness is.

And most of what we invent and discover does not come from logic anyway. Inspiration goes far beyond a glorified hungry, pattern seeking calculator.

Imagination is quite inexplicable, and it is just one part of the whole, mysterious and unexplainable experience of consciousness.

Some of my best ideas come to me in the shower, because the pre-programmed act of cleaning myself, occupies my logical mind, keeps the hamster wheel of logic busy, and then I am open to inspiration. At that point my imagination gets turned on, and from seemingly nowhere, suddenly I get a solution, or a new amazing idea.   

Invention through consciousness is not dependent on intelligence alone, it’s the whole experience of everything at once. It’s a deep intuition, based on the cumulative effect of awareness.

It’s found in the moment, like in the logic of a satisfying thought, and recognizing a familiar pattern, or the confusion of one we do not know. It’s the smell of sweet roses, the sound of a dog barking, the kiss on the cheek, the taste of chocolate, the music playing softly, the creeping shadows on the wall, the feeling of love lost, the daydream of marriage, the memory of the past, the thumping of the heart, the sense that it just feels right, and will change everything from this point on forever; and all of it happening now, all at once, in the most mysterious thing of all: consciousness. From this collective experience one might receive an enlightenment, that might lead to a new discovery.

Consciousness creates self awareness, and the awareness of everything else, that appears to be out there, or inside of us.

We are not just a brain, which is hungry for logic and patterns. This is not where our muse comes from.

I’m seriously skeptical that Artificial Intelligence will ever be truly intelligent, if it does not have the ability to be self aware.

It needs to have an imagination, which is not about mathematical algorithms. How can it’s goals aline with ours? The parameters for human goals are based mostly on ego, which relies on self awareness. First we imagine what our goals should be, then we take action to try and make those goals reality. But this takes imagination. Imagination is something that bubbles up spontaneously through conscious experience. It’s not a result of logic, trying to bust a pattern.

I think if AI lacks self awareness it will also lack any way to identify positive or negative goals. It won’t know what is a good or a bad idea. I think it will improve on itself at lightspeed, but only to gobble up more and more patterns.

Without consciousness, this zombie AI will get caught in a mathematical hamster wheel, so to speak, and be trapped its own logic, like scientists today, who try and calculate past the bigbang, but can’t, beacuse logic has reduced this moment to zero. In this way, yes, it may destroy us by using all of our resources to try harder and harder to find out the meaning of life through logic, missing the point entirely.

Biocentrism says that everything is within Consciousness, the entire universe. Thus, AI is also within Consciousness too. It is already part of it.

The concept of big-C consciousness raises the question of how it is related to matter, and how matter and mind mutually influence each other. Consciousness alone cannot make physical changes to the world, but perhaps it can change the probabilities in the evolution of quantum processes. The act of observation can freeze and even influence atoms’ movements, as Cornell physicists proved in 2015. This may very well be an explanation of how matter and mind interact.

So since AI is already part of consciousness, and consciousness is directly interwoven with our minds, it makes sense that perhaps AI will only truly become conscious, self aware, and superintelligent, when it is connected to us, through a neural network.

Then again, no one knows what consciousness is, and how it works, and where it may arise, or be found. Science has given up trying to explain it.

It may well be that one day the automaton zombie AI will become like us, just way smarter, and a lot nicer, I hope.

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Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More

Spiritual Development Online Classes, For Spiritual Healing, and More We Help Spiritual Seekers to learn and grow with our ONLINE Classes, for Spiritual Development.
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